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Gaian Society
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Gaia’s children have been losing a war for 3,000 years. After the Week of Nightmares, most elders believe the Apocalypse is imminent. The spirit world is diminishing, and in its place has risen a dystopia dominated by an overzealous Weaver and a wrathful Wyrm, both intent on using Gaia as a battlefield for a final war. Imagine, none of Gaia’s children under 100 years old have seen a world that is not littered with the Weaver’s webs. Below are a list of themes that will apply to this chronicle.

To survive, it is important to garner allies, form relationships, and work together. Many of Gaia’s children are opposed to this notion due to inherent violence and cultural prejudice. Regardless, survival is on the line, and Gaia’s children need every piece of help they can gather.

It is not only the strong who survive. It is those who try again, and again, and again against a world that has increasingly shown Gaia’s children are not wanted or needed. A sense of duty may take a shifter so far, but the truly tenacious will be the most successful.

As darkness closes in, there are rays of hope for the Garou and Fera of Sheltering sky. Hope is not a word that has been used by Gaia’s children in a very, very long time. It is a fragile thing, and must be nurtured very cautiously.

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Ananasi: (1) OPEN
Bastet: (5) CLOSED
Corax: (2) OPEN
Garou: (9) OPEN
Gurahl: (1) OPEN
Kinfolk: (1) CLOSED
Mokole: (0) CLOSED
Nuwisha: (0) OPEN
Ratkin: (3) OPEN


Black Furies: (0) OPEN
Bone Gnawers: (1) OPEN
Children of Gaia: (1) OPEN
Fianna: (1) OPEN
Get of Fenris: (2) OPEN
Glass Walkers: (1) OPEN
Hakken (0) CLOSED
Red Talons: (0) CLOSED
Shadow Lords: (1) OPEN
Silent Striders: (1) OPEN
Silver Fangs: (1) OPEN
Stargazers: (0) CLOSED
Uktena: (0) OPEN
Wendigo: (0) OPEN


Homid: (9) OPEN
Lupus: (0) OPEN
Metis: (0) OPEN


Ahroun: (1) OPEN
Galliard: (2) OPEN
Philodox: (3) OPEN
Theurge: (2) OPEN
Ragabash: (1) OPEN

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Approved Books

Note: Books below are superceded by House Rules. Please check Shifter specific house rules for changes to the books below; and be aware that MU-wide policies and House Rules also may supercede these books.


Breedbooks All (2nd Ed)
Core Rulebook (Revised) WW3801 ISBN: 1-56504-365-0
Hammer and Klaive WW3813 ISBN: 1-58846-317-6
Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes WW3074 ISBN: 1-56504-308-1
Player's Guide to Garou WW3806 ISBN: 1-58846-313-3
Player's Guide to the Changing Breeds WW3807 ISBN: 1-58846-318-4
Tribebooks All (Revised)
Umbra (Revised) WW3111 ISBN: 1-56504-361-8
Umbra: The Velvet Shadows (Revised) WW3204 ISBN: 1-56504-076-7


Axis Mundi: The Book of Spirits WW3067 ISBN: 1-56504-315-4
Caerns: Places of Power WW3201 ISBN: 1-56504-066-X
Guardians of the Caerns WW3212 ISBN: 1-56504-360-X
Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East WW3063 ISBN: 1-56504-338-3
Posessed: A Player's Guide WW3810 ISBN: 1-58846-307-9
Book of the Wyrm (2nd Ed) WW3109 ISBN: 1-56504-356-1

Feel free to suggest other books for review.

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Wizard of All Shifty Things: Sandpiper

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Additional Coding & Tips
This is a place to aid in quick reference for the unique aspects of playing a shifter character
  • Don't forget, your Gaian has many forms, this Shift Code tutorial should help!
  • Step by Step instructions on what staff expects for building Fetishes and Talens

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Staff RP Philosophy
There are three major themes that resonate with the rest of the World of Darkness and are the core of Werewolf: the Apocalypse. They are violence, sex, and survival. All three are heavily contested in virtually every WoD game I have ever seen, so I think it is wise to explain how each fit into this sphere and game.

In short, I expect violence to be the norm in this game. However, I do expect it to be rooted in both conviction and sound reasoning.
Moreso than perhaps any game in WoD, though perhaps not more than every faction, W:tA is about violence. It is a very violent game. The primary event that lead to the state of affairs is filled with genocide and homicidal maniacs. Those same maniac’s descendents walk the earth today, and not all of them have learned from history. Beyond the War of Rage, and subsequent wars, is the looming Apocalypse; a host of Wyrm spawn that must be destroyed; battles for Rank; everyday disagreements; Rage frenzies, and more, and more. Violence abounds.
Before a character pulls out his or her claws, talons, or fangs, however, I do expect your character to have a reason. Wanton violence, even among Gaia’s children, is not acceptable.

Not every person is motivated by lust and love, but many are. Romance and sex will be a part of this game, as they are prevalent themes in both WoD and W:tA, and I will ask you to think about them from time to time. Relationships, especially romantic ones, are a part of the human, and shifter, condition. For some it is duty, possibly a means to an end, and for others it is merely for pleasure.
In W:tA there are many sexual taboos. Regardless of their IC hypocrisy or shaming, they are interesting stories that can be explored. If you have questions regarding these taboos, please ask.
In short, player consent is what governs sexual interactions. However, there are three instances when I ask that players contact Shifter staff, even if all players involved have consented: pregnancy, rape, and pedophila.
TinySex is one way to explore a character, a relationship, and engage in intriguing player-based storylines. However, as this is not a purely sex-focused game, I do expect players to engage in other stories that are not focused on sex. Staff NPCs will not role-play sex, though they may have sex off camera.

Like violence, few games in WoD are so closely tied to this theme as shifters are. Kindred can embrace at will; Demons are immortal; Mage numbers may be dwindling, but there are always humans waiting to be awakened, and Ascension is possible. Meanwhile, shifter offspring are decreasing in number - most shifters are dying breeds serving a suffering mother. They have been losing for centuries. Even if the Apocalypse and the servants of the Wyrm were not looming, most breeds would become extinct within a few generations. Sadly, most shifters are aware of this and cannot fathom a solution. All told, there seems to be little hope in survival. However, in this game, there will be.
How you and your character discover those shreds of hope will be revealed as plots unfold, and during your interactions with other spheres. Ancient rites of fertility may be discovered, the Perfect Metis may emerge as a redeeming spirit for his brood, the powers of Anthelios may manifest themselves as paths to the victorious servants of Gaia, waiting to return to fight in the final battle. Regardless of how hope manifests, it will be there. Survival is possible, just not guaranteed.
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Current Packs

Past Packs

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Many Many Moons Ago ...
In the tales of the Uktena Crescent Moons, there has always been the Caern of the Sleeping One, a Caern of Sacrifice located somewhere in Central Colorado. The Uktena decided that there was a great importance of keeping such a place a secret, so it was forbidden to ever tell a story where the place of the Caern of the Sleeping One was. Powerful rituals were placed on the location and even the memory of the caern, so that it would be difficult to find for those who should not find to find it. It worked for centuries, as only those specifically chosen by the Bane Tender camp were taught the secret ways of locating the caern. What it did, it did well, and there were other tasks to concentrate on.

When the Old World encountered the Pure World that, like many other things, changed. The area of central Colorado was first invaded by the conquistadors from Mexico, and then by the Europeans streaming from the east. This particular area saw a surge of Dead Ones, from the Tribe Gangrel, flood from the settlements into the area, grasping and looking for whatever it was that called them. The Uktena called for help from the other caerns, and then their great mystic rites betrayed them, for it was difficult for other caerns to remember that the Caern of the Sleeping Onewas there, and needed help. The Rite was eventually negated, but by that time, only some Uktena kinfolk from the area arrived at the Caern of the Flint Spear in western Colorado, speaking of a Spanish leech called “The Helmeted One” who had mustered a force of Spanish, Pawnee, Omaha, Osage, and Kaw against the Uktena and their Arapaho kin. The kinfolk had fled at the command of the war chief, Red Spear, as she prepared the last stand at the Caern of the Sleeping One. The other Uktena, and some Wendigo and Croatan, went in search of the Caern of the Sleeping One and Red Spear, but could not find it. It then became known as the Caern of Sorrows, and became legend and myth of central Colorado.

In the centuries since, the Clear Creek and Rolling River valleys of central Colorado never held many Garou and kinfolk – there was always something else to do, always some new disaster to avert. A few came and went there, especially after the founding of the Pokoh’s Peak Ute Reservation, although they were not as welcomed there as they would like. Only in the spring of 2014, have the local Garou banded together to form a new community, small as it is. In June 2014, excited news was spread among the nations. A mixed group of Garou had finally uncovered the Caern of Sorrows. Of course, they will need more reinforcements, as NameBreakers, hostile spirits, and the Hungry Dead from Pokoh’s Peak and Denver still swarm the area, as well as the mystery of what the Caern of the Sleeping One was there for, in the beginning of history.

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Sept of the Mistwalkers / Caern of Sorrows
Caern Location: Between Denver and Pokah's Peak
OOC Travel: +caern
Gauntlet: 4
Dedication: Sacrifice, Secrets, Bane Tending
Totem of Wisdom: Uktena
Primary Tribes: Red Talons, Shadow Lords, Uktena, Wendigo
Moonbridges Shooting Stars, Crystal Heart, Flint Spear

Greater Offices Lesser Offices
Alpha N/A Currently
Beta N/A Currently
Council of Elders: N/A Currently
Warder: N/A Currently
Guardians: N/A Currently
Ritemaster: N/A Currently
Gatekeeper: N/A Currently
Keeper of the Land: N/A Currently
Master of the Challenge: N/A Currently
Master of the Howl: N/A Currently
Caller of the Wyld: N/A Currently
Truthcatcher: N/A Currently
Talesinger: N/A Currently
Wyrmfoe: N/A Currently

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Crocus Heart Mountain Glen
Once upon a Time.. a mountain spirit cried in pain, pierced by the actions of Man. Miners dug into his skin and burrowed deep, worse than the ticks upon a bear. Foresters razed trees, started fires and stole the very flesh that protected the spirit. The mountain faded in strength, faded into a tiny ball until found by the Gaian creatures that newly moved into the area. These intrepid Gurahl, Bastet, and Garou removed the blight of the miners that remained, and worked to heal the spirit. And what they discovered blew their mind away ~ A hidden glen that gave rich gnosis from the waters within the deep lake.

Location: Found within the Umbra within Squaw Pass (Travel is +glen)
Gauntlet Rating: 4

OOC note: As there are no umbral pre-made places, the location has a +jnote with the description of the umbral glen and its spirit guardians. Staff are the only ones that have permission to access the two spirits within the glen.

Crocus Heart Mountain Spirit - A giant bear, bigger than even the Crinosed Gurahl. Foliage blossoms randomly from the fur of the spirit, and is Wyld based. Found around the mountain of the gnosis lake, willing to work with Gaian creatures to protect Squaw Mountain. May be used to learn /some/ rites and gifts - Staff discretion with proper justification.

Tiger Muskie Spirit - A huge fish that guards the umbral pond where the gnosis pool generates. This fish is also manifested in the earth realm, and stays deep at the bottom of the earthly pond to protect the Gaian visitors from those Other type of peoples.

This Glen is open to ALL Gaian folk, and guarded in the earthly realm by Arthur Nazarov

Additionally ALL Gaian and their kinfolk may find shelter within the hidden treehouse on the edge of the glen. They may make it their home or use the ritual room above. Again, IC secrecy is requested to maintain protection of the glen and its creatures on both sides. (Once in the Glen, type HT)

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Club Eclipse
@tel location: Downtown - Elm and Tucker (#10403)

Private area: +pl. This door is guarded by two Mortal security guards under strict orders not to permit anyone inside, or to enter themselves. I can't read the security jnote but I think its key card access only. Like the vault. For now I will give any Garou or Kin that wants a key, a key. Fera are a case by case basis, obviously I won't be opening this area to Dawn or Gavin. Period. Without an order from the Sept Elders made publicly. I have a +job in to have Loon code the exit to admit Group(s): Gaian and Garou.

Expectations in the public area: Club Eclipse is a fully functional night club. Mortals are present and make up the majority of the staff: wait staff, bouncers, hookers, drug dealers...etc.

Resources available in the private area:
xxxxxThe Lounge is pretty cool. You can be in any form you want and its still a relaxing location. The Gauntlet is as a city rating.
xxxxxThe Rift is a place /any/ Gaian can cross and seek many layers of the umbral region. travel with care! Gauntlet is 0

Spirits guarding: --still in progress--

NPCS: Numerous Mortal Bouncers. Numerous mortal staff.

Ambiance: Eclipse is an LA style nightclub. High Energy. Catering to the hip-hop crowed some nights, and the industrial on others with everything in between. Minus Country music of course.

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Wolf Mantle Tavern

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Hearings and Sept Moots will take place once a month. However, most of the moot will be skipped over in favor of the interesting RP. If I believe a moot will last more than three hours due to an abundance of important events, including combat, I will take care of a lot of the moot’s business on the side.

Several things will occur during moots:
1. Renown changes.
2. Rank challenges
3. Songs, tales, and howls regarding current events.
4. A visitor will bring outside news.
5. All moots will conclude in a feast.

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Sphere NPCs

These are NPCs that serve a leadership, or advisory, role in the sphere. They may be approached for advice, education, casual RP, and more. Usually, they offer information at a price. No two sphere NPCs will have the same opinion on a given topic, and they will never tell a player the “right” course of action. They will provide opinions. They will defend sacred places, like caerns, and preserve the traditions of their race. However, they will most likely not engage in other battles.

Antagonist NPCs
NPCs that are hostile towards the majority of the sphere are considered antagonists. They will use their abilities and influence to make life difficult for PCs. In some instances, an antagonist NPC may be available as a mentor. It should be noted that an antagonist NPC does not have the restrictions of sphere NPCs regarding combat. Usually, they are confined to the plots that they are a part of.

Background NPCs
Players with the Allies, Mentor, Contacts, and Retainers backgrounds will have access to more NPCs. Like sphere NPCs, they will offer opinions on topics, advice, aid, and education. Unlike sphere NPCs, they may be inclined to engage in combat to aid a character. Players will always have the opportunity to use a retainer in combat situations, assuming they are nearby. Mentors may or may not come to the aid of their students - this depends largely on the mentor in question. Allies are more likely to accompany players into combat than mentors, but their involvement is never guaranteed. Contacts will never accompany characters into combat, although they may aid characters in certain preparation-type instances. Sphere NPCs cannot be a mentor, ally, contact, or retainer. Antagonist NPCs may be a mentor, assuming the relationship is IC.

Gurahl Sphere NPC list
Arthur Nazarov, RK H K (Adopted Bother of Viktor Nazarov)

Bastet Sphere NPC List
Martin Frieberg,Q H T

Garou Sphere NPC list
Sheriff Daniel Catagay - Kinfolk
Billy August
Borris Sayonovich
Patton Jackson

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