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== '''Caern of Sorrows''' ==
== '''Caern of Sorrows''' ==
| style="background-color:#DDDDDD"| Text about the Sept
| style="background-color:#DDDDDD"| Caern Location- Behind a waterfall. waterfall entrance and an inland cavern entrance.
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Wizard: Heron - Though searching For full time Staffer, see Board for requirements

Character Creation

Note: Click on the Species name below for the apropriate Background Questionnaire.


Black Furies: (1) Open
Bone Gnawers: (1) Open
Bunyip: (0) Closed
Children of Gaia: (1) Open
Croatan: (0) Closed
Fianna: (0) Open
Get of Fenris: (1) Open
Glass Walkers: (0) Open
Red Talons: (0) Open
Shadow Lords: (0) Open
Silent Striders: (0) Open
Silver Fangs: (0) Open
Stargazers: (0) Closed
Uktena: (1) Open
Wendigo: (0) Open
White Howlers: (0) Closed


Bastet: (1) Closed
Garou: (5) Open
Kinfolk: (1) Open (All Races)
Other Fera: (2) Closed
Antagonists: (0) Closed


Homid: (4) Open
Lupus: (1) Open
Metis: (0) Open
Ahroun: (1) Open
Galliard: (1) Open
Philodox: (0) Open
Theurge: (2) Open
Ragabash: (1) Open

Linked Pages

Bastet Garou
Kinfolk Other Fera
Talens, Fetishes, & Spirits Renown Process
THESE ARE OUT OF DATE as of 12/13/2014
Shifter House Rules

Approved Books

Note: Books below are superceded by House Rules. Please check Shifter House Rules for changes to the books below and be aware that MU-wide Policies and House Rules also may supercede these books.
Core Rulebook (Revised) WW3801 ISBN: 1-56504-365-0
Player's Guide to Garou WW3806 ISBN: 1-58846-313-3
Player's Guide to the Changing Breeds WW3807 ISBN: 1-58846-318-4
Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes WW3074 ISBN: 1-56504-308-1
Breedbooks (2nd Ed) All
Tribebooks (Revised) All
Hammer and Klaive (Likely) Axis Mundi: The Book of Spirits
Caerns: Places of Power Guardians of the Caerns
Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East Posessed: A Player's Guide
Umbra: The Velvet Shadows (Revised) Book of the Wyrm (2nd Ed)
Feel free to suggest other books for review.

Caern of Sorrows

Caern Location- Behind a waterfall. waterfall entrance and an inland cavern entrance.


Dedication: Sacrifice, Secrets, Bane Tending
Totem of Wisdom: Uktena
Primary Tribes: Red Talons, Shadow Lords, Uktena, Wendigo

Greater Offices

Alpha Billy "Bloody Stone" August (NPC)
Beta Borris "Obsidian Hammer" Sayonovich (NPC)
Council of Elders: Patton "Vanishing Smoke" Jackson (NPC)
Guardians: "Baneberry" (NPC),
Ritemaster: Aldulfr "Tears of the Sun" Gunnarson
Keeper of the Land:
Master of the Challenge:

Lesser Offices

Master of the Howl:
Caller of the Wyld:
Moonbridges Shooting Stars, Crystal Heart, Flint Spear

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