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Wizard: Heron - Though searching For full time Staffer, see Board for requirements

Character Creation

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Black Furies: (1) Open
Bone Gnawers: (1) Open
Bunyip: (0) Closed
Children of Gaia: (1) Open
Croatan: (0) Closed
Fianna: (0) Open
Get of Fenris: (1) Open
Glass Walkers: (0) Open
Red Talons: (0) Open
Shadow Lords: (0) Open
Silent Striders: (0) Open
Silver Fangs: (0) Open
Stargazers: (0) Closed
Uktena: (1) Open
Wendigo: (0) Open
White Howlers: (0) Closed


Bastet: (1) Closed
Garou: (5) Open
Kinfolk: (1) Open (All Races)
Other Fera: (2) Closed
Antagonists: (0) Closed


Homid: (4) Open
Lupus: (1) Open
Metis: (0) Open
Ahroun: (1) Open
Galliard: (1) Open
Philodox: (0) Open
Theurge: (2) Open
Ragabash: (1) Open


In the tales of the Uktena Crescent Moons, there has always been the Caern of the Sleeping One, a Caern of Sacrifice located somewhere in Central Colorado. The Uktena decided that there was a great importance of keeping such a place a secret, so it was forbidden to ever tell a story where the place of the Caern of the Sleeping One was. Powerful rituals were placed on the location and even the memory of the caern, so that it would be difficult to find for those who should not find to find it. It worked for centuries, as only those specifically chosen by the Bane Tender camp were taught the secret ways of locating the caern. What it did, it did well, and there were other tasks to concentrate on. When the Old World encountered the Pure World that, like many other things, changed. The area of central Colorado was first invaded by the conquistadors from Mexico, and then by the Europeans streaming from the east. This particular area saw a surge of Dead Ones, from the Tribe Gangrel, flood from the settlements into the area, grasping and looking for whatever it was that called them. The Uktena called for help from the other caerns, and then their great mystic rites betrayed them, for it was difficult for other caerns to remember that the Caern of the Sleeping Onewas there, and needed help. The Rite was eventually negated, but by that time, only some Uktena kinfolk from the area arrived at the Caern of the Flint Spear in western Colorado, speaking of a Spanish leech called “The Helmeted One” who had mustered a force of Spanish, Pawnee, Omaha, Osage, and Kaw against the Uktena and their Arapaho kin. The kinfolk had fled at the command of the war chief, Red Spear, as she prepared the last stand at the Caern of the Sleeping One. The other Uktena, and some Wendigo and Croatan, went in search of the Caern of the Sleeping One and Red Spear, but could not find it. It then became known as the Caern of Sorrows, and became legend and myth of central Colorado. In the centuries since, the Clear Creek and Rolling River valleys of central Colorado never held many Garou and kinfolk – there was always something else to do, always some new disaster to avert. A few came and went there, especially after the founding of the Pokoh’s Peak Ute Reservation, although they were not as welcomed there as they would like. Only in the spring of 2014, have the local Garou banded together to form a new community, small as it is. In June 2014, excited news was spread among the nations. A mixed group of Garou had finally uncovered the Caern of Sorrows, and plan to reopen it. Of course, they will need more reinforcements, as NameBreakers, hostile spirits, and the Hungry Dead from Pokoh’s Peak and Denver still swarm the area, as well as the mystery of what the Caern of the Sleeping One was there for, in the beginning of history.

Approved Books

Note: Books below are superceded by House Rules. Please check Shifter House Rules for changes to the books below and be aware that MU-wide Policies and House Rules also may supercede these books.
Core Rulebook (Revised) WW3801 ISBN: 1-56504-365-0
Player's Guide to Garou WW3806 ISBN: 1-58846-313-3
Player's Guide to the Changing Breeds WW3807 ISBN: 1-58846-318-4
Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes WW3074 ISBN: 1-56504-308-1
Breedbooks (2nd Ed) All
Tribebooks (Revised) All
Hammer and Klaive (Likely) Axis Mundi: The Book of Spirits
Caerns: Places of Power Guardians of the Caerns
Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East Posessed: A Player's Guide
Umbra: The Velvet Shadows (Revised) Book of the Wyrm (2nd Ed)
Feel free to suggest other books for review.

Caern of Sorrows

Caern Location- Behind a waterfall. waterfall entrance and an inland cavern entrance.


Dedication: Sacrifice, Secrets, Bane Tending
Totem of Wisdom: Uktena
Primary Tribes: Red Talons, Shadow Lords, Uktena, Wendigo

Greater Offices

Alpha Billy "Bloody Stone" August (NPC)
Beta Borris "Obsidian Hammer" Sayonovich (NPC)
Council of Elders: Patton "Vanishing Smoke" Jackson (NPC)
Guardians: "Baneberry" (NPC),
Ritemaster: Aldulfr "Tears of the Sun" Gunnarson
Keeper of the Land:
Master of the Challenge:

Lesser Offices

Master of the Howl:
Caller of the Wyld:
Moonbridges Shooting Stars, Crystal Heart, Flint Spear

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