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Kinfolk can be a very difficult character type to play correctly. We all want to be the hero of the story, to be in charge, to be somebody. However, with Kinfolk, that is not always the case. Are they important? Yes. Do Garou always recognize such? No.

The life of a Kinfolk is not easy, as I mentioned above. Garou society is built upon Rank and Renown. Kinfolk have neither of these, in the majority of cases. When a Kinfolk has done something to earn Renown, it will always be much less than their Shifter counter parts would have earned in such situations. Kinfolk are often expected to 'Yes sir' and 'No sir', in response. This is not the case across all tribes, but it is in the majority of them. Consider a Military or Tribal society and you pretty much have the Garou summed up. Orders are given and expected to be followed.

That said, I will not be accepting applications for Kinfolk that center on you being someone's 'mate', or 'sister or brother'. You may be these things, but a Kinfolk's main contribution to their Sept is their ability to get things done in Human society. Are you a doctor? Are you a member of the government? Do you run your own law firm? Can you move things covertly from one city to another? Can you access things a Rage filled Garou would be denied? these are the types of things I am looking for. I feel that having a significant place for your character, helps you to feel part of the sphere as a whole. Do you get to mouth off IC? No. The Curse is very real to Shifters, this is why Kinfolk are so important to them - and is the main reason Shifters won't let them alone.

There are some differences in how different Races of Shifters treat their kinfolk, of course. However, it likely won't stray too far from what was mentioned above.

Those who were hoping to get someone to app in as your Mate, Sister, Brother, etc outside of what I mentioned above - please purchase the Kinfolk stat. That is what it is there for, to be used in place of Player Characters.

Banned Concepts and Stats

Mates and siblings with no other defining purpose


Backgrounds - Weaver Touched, Wyld Touched, Wyrm Touched

Merits - Gall

Kinfolk as Combinations

While it is feasible and doable to have a kinfolk that is apart of another sphere keep in mind that you will not only have to meet Shifter Staff's criteria but also the criteria of whichever sphere you are also being a part of. For Kinfolk/Kinain or Changeling this would require Kestrel's approval. For Kinfolk/Mage this would require Heron's approval. For kinfolk/Psychic or Sorcerer this will require Heron's approval. For kinfolk/Ghoul or Vampire combinations this would require Gyrfalcon's approval. As this is an added complication it may take a little longer to be approved for play. Any Kinfolk combination is strictly handled on a case by case basis and is subject to joint approval of both sphere heads. If approved you will be required to purchase the Kinfolk Merit.


This questionnaire replaces what is required for your background. You may choose to do a traditional story background in ADDITION TO the questionnaire, however, it will not fulfill what I require for approval. The questions in the questionnaire are precise and gives me the information I need to understand your character and to design plots based around your characters.

  • Please note: I DO NOT REVIEW APPLICATIONS BY +MAIL OR BY +JOB. I must get this information by e-mail.



Age & DoB:






   Explain your statted flaws.
   What are the weaknesses in your characters personality? (These may or may not be stats, but how you see the
   character's other weaknesses.)
   Explain your statted merits.
   What are the strengths in your characters personality? (These may or may not be stats, but how you see the
   character's other strengths.)
   JNOTE information: Include specialties for all stats at 4+, include details about your Retainers, Allies, Contacts, Mentor, Equipment or anything unusual in backgrounds.

WEAVER: (This section helps us set your Jnotes):

   1) ID's you possess (Drivers Licence, Passports, Fake IDs, Etc.)
   2) Address listed on said ID's
   3) Citizenship (if other than American) and immigration status.
   4) If your phone number is listed or not
   5) Criminal Record: If any
   6) Owned properties, both On grid and Off Grid
   7) Source of Income (If you have Resources)
   8) Anything else you think might be important were someone to run a BG Check on you.


   1. Do you know you are a kinfolk? If Yes, then How did you learn and When?
   2. If you have the pure breed background, who are you related to? what are they known for?
   3. What were you taught concerning the race and tribe you are kin to?
   4. What did they tell you your responsibilities as kin were?
   5. How do you feel about being Kinfolk, and your duties as a kinfolk? Describe them to me.
   6. Explain how you feel, OOC, about being a Kinfolk and why you want to play one and what
      you think their responsibilities are.


   1. Describe the goals of your character.
   2. This is where you can include favorite songs, links to pictures, poems, your written background,
      in short, anything that helps me see your character. None are required or necessary

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