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Fera Applications

Quick Ref

  • We Allow: Ananasi, Bastet, Corax, Gurahl, Nuwisha, Ratkin and Mokole (please inquire as to individual availability)
  • Developing your Concept: Start out by logging in and typing "+concept shifter=<concept" and give us at least a few sentences about what you intend to play.
  • Sending your Application: When your concept has been reviewed and approved, prepare and email your application (form below) to
  • Statting Your Character: Use the 2nd Edition (which is the same thing as Revised) mechanics to stat your character (so for example, we do use Dodge and secondary abilities). When you pick your Gifts, however, keep in mind that we use the 20th Anniversary Edition mechanics.



We are not accepting Kitsune, Nagah or Rokea. We are not accepting Wyrm-tainted versions of breeds (no Kumo, no Purgers, no Bitter Grins, etc.) and we are not accepting breeds that are supposed to be extinct (apis, auroch, etc).


We are not currently accepting sorcerer characters. Although several Fera breeds do tend to be loners, do keep in mind that we will expect and encourage you to make your character compatible with the multiplayer dynamic of a MUSH (that is to say, isolationist/hermit characters and so on would not be reasonable and we may ask you to alter a loner-based concept).


  • Backgrounds: Weaver-Touched, Wyld-Touched, and Wyrm-Touched
  • Merits: Silver Tolerance, Gold Tolerance

Cross-Sphere Applications

If you wish to go cross-sphere (e.g. Corax/Psychic, Bastet/Kinain, etc.) then you must also forward your application to the appropriate staffer of that sphere. In this case, your approval may take longer as it will need to be reviewed by additional staff, who may deny or require changes to your application (in part or as a whole) at their discretion.


Please fill out the application and email it to both and If you wish to submit a backstory in addition to the application, then you may do so at your choice, but the application itself is strictly required for approval.


* Character Name:
* Approved Concept: Copy and paste the concept that was approved on Sheltering Sky.
* Rite Name:
* Age and DOB:
* Nature:
* Demeanor:
* Race: Breed name goes here (Corax, Gurahl, etc.)
* Auspice: Aspect/Pyrio/etc. goes here.


* Flaw Descriptions: For each Flaw that you take, please include the description of the flaw (what the book says about it) and an explanation of why/how the character has this flaw (how your character received it).
* Merit Descriptions: For each Merit that you take, please include the description of the merit (what the book says about it) and an explanation of why/how the character has this merit (how your character received it).
* Character Weaknesses: What are your character's personal flaws, independent of whatever stat-based merits/flaws on the sheet (how you, as a player, see this character's personal negative traits/weaknesses)?
* Character Strengths: What are your character's personal strengths, independent of whatever stat-based merits/flaws on the sheet (how you, as a player, see this character's personal positive traits/strengths)?


1. ID's you possess (Drivers Licence, Passports, Fake IDs, Etc.)
2. Address listed on said ID's
3. Citizenship (if other than American) and immigration status.
4. If your phone number is listed or not
5. Criminal Record: If any
6. Owned properties, both On grid and Off Grid
7. Source of Income (If you have Resources)
8. Anything else you think might be important were someone to run a BG Check on you.


1. Describe your first change:
2. Who found you and helped you through after?
3. How old were you?
4. What was your Rite of Passage like?
5. If Rank 2: What was your Rank 2 challenge like?


1. Which tribe do you feel the greatest affinity towards?
2. Which tribe do you feel the greatest antipathy towards?
3. If you could change anything about your tribe, what would it be?
4. What is your characters attitude towards kinfolk?
5. How closely do you follow your breed's version of the Litany?


1. How have you handled The Curse?
2. How will this affect you around other people?


1. How do you view your Auspice/Pyrio/Aspect/Etc. (henceforth Auspice)
2. There are a lot of different spins and specialties within each Auspice, What's yours?
3. If you were not of that Auspice, what would you most likely lean toward?
4. What is your view on spirits – slaves or to be revered?
5. What is your view on talens and fetishes?
6. Please explain any Fetishes you have and how you received them.


1. Describe the goals of your character.
2. Optional: Include anything you'd like, from pictures, quotes, songs, and/or a written backstory.


Attributes, Abilities, Backgrounds

Using Revised mechanics, please set your character's stats and submit them in the following format:

- Strength: 2
- Dexterity: 2
- Stamina: 2
- Willpower: 6
- Rage: 3
- Gnosis: 3
- Merit: Concentration <1>
- Merit: Acute Hearing <1>
- Flaw: Bad Sight <-3>
- Flaw: Deformity <-3>

And so on.

That is to say, for each stat that has a numerical value, put each stat on one line. Type a dash (-), a space, the stat name, a colon (:), then the numerical value of the stat. This formatting requirement is so that staff can more quickly manually set your character.

Gifts And Rites

When it comes to selecting rites and gifts, use this format:

- Gift: Name Of Gift <#> (e.g.: - Gift: Sweet Hunter's Smile <1>)
- Rite: Name Of Rite <#> (e.g.: - Rite: Talisman Dedication <1>)

Fetishes And Talens

While you will have explained your Fetish/Talen previously in the written portion, please include an explicit book and page reference for the items you wish to have out of character generation.

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