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Sheet Pools Supernatural Other
Iskakku- base dif is 6.

Klaive Dueling- base dif is 6.

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Each rank in allies represents either a starting-level supernatural (kinfolk with super abilities is possible) or a starting-level mortal +50 xp. For each rank you spend on an individual ally, you can add +50 xp to them. Allies are your friends and colleagues, but you cannot be assured of their loyalty nor can you give them orders.

Each dot represents a die to roll to acquire more dice in Abilities. Dif 8 for general, dif 10 to call on a specific ancestor (Ancestor Ally Merit means dif 6 for your well defined and jnoted ancestor, this merit requires at least 1 dot in this background). Called on skills or knowledge will be subject to Storyteller approval as, ex. it might make no sense for your Uktena Ancestors to know about Computers or Science.

Each contact represents a person in a particular field that will trade you information for money or other considerations. You must select an area of influence where this contact exists. Information you ask from him or her is limited to this sphere of influence. Spheres of influence are listed here: Bureaucracy-Inf. Church-Inf. Financial-Inf. Health-Inf. H-Society-Inf. Industrial-Inf. Legal-Inf. Media-Inf. Occult-Inf. Police-Inf. Political-Inf. Street-Inf. Transportation-Inf. Underworld-Inf. University-Inf.

Den Realm/Umbral Glade
These backgrounds are only available to Bastet, Gurahl or Nagah. These are all forms of "pockets" of Umbra the Shifter calls their own or shares with others of their race. A Shifter can only be attached to one pocket realm at a time. Den Realms will be jnoted as per the rules set in the Players Guide to the Changing Breeds.

This background relates only to Fetishes. Values are as per the core werewolf book.

Your pack has received A prophecy, that may be bright or dark, given by your totem spirit - typically at the formation of your pack. Even those with terrible fates often prove to be some of the greatest Garou, perhaps because they try so hard to defy their fate. Some even succeed.
Once per day, Each member of the pack can draw upon this background: If the event involves the entire pack, they can call upon the highest Fate background held by any member of the pack: If worknig on their own, only their own rating for this background.
You may use this Background to add successes to any roll that either failed or achieved fewer successes than were required. The player rolls the rating in this Background (difficulty 8) and adds any successes to those that were achieved in the original failed roll.
increasing Fate: You cannot increase your fate background above that of the highest rating in the pack - this does mean that if the highest Fate background in the pack is 3, no member of the pack can buy Fate above 3.
xxxxx o Your pack will be involved in an event that will make you known to the entire Garou Nation. For now, though, only those in your sept know of this prophecy.

xxxxx oo Your pack will be the cause of an event that greatly impacts your sept, such as the destruction of a long time enemy or a highly admired Garou. The Garou throughout the city or local geographical area in which you reside might know your fate.

xxxxx ooo Your pack will be responsible for an event that impacts werewolves across the continent, perhaps singlehandedly saving (or destroying) a caern. Any Garou in your hemisphere might know of the prophecy.

xxxxx oooo The actions of your pack will affect the entire Garou Nation, such as the defeat of a great Wyrm enemy or the massacre of dozens of Garou. There might be a cub or two that hasn’t heard of your destiny, but don’t count on it.

xxxxx ooooo Your pack, will be a direct factor in the fate of the Apocalypse, one way or another. There isn’t a cub that hasn’t heard of your destiny.

Kinfolk/Clan: This is your network of Kinfolk that do tasks in the mortal world that you cant (visit someone in jail, request records, buy property, etc), due to rage, lack of paperwork, criminal history. They have no influence, no jobs of obvious importance (no cops, lawyers, judges, journalists etc). They are loyal to you, but can be subverted by others if they are found out. Kinfolk need to be jnoted as name, tribe, and their unimportant job. Dots in this background are as per the core book.

Though the book suggests a mentor could be a group, on Sheltering Sky we will be limiting it to a single Shifter who acts as your Mentor. This mentor will need to be of the same Tribe and Race as you are. While Mentors will offer advice, they will not come to Pokoh's Peak to fight alongside you as they handle matters at whatever location they call home. Ranks for mentor are as per the corebook.

Per the write up of the background, this is a Spirit Ally: one that has a strong connection to you, and thus offers up some special benefits. Numen must be declared as one of Glory, Honor or Wisdom. Once a month per dot in the background, you can draw on your Numen in a Physical (glory), Social (honor), Mental (wisdom) dependent on your spirits type OR borrow a charm the Numen possesses (the charm is for a single use, or in the case of certain charms like shapeshifting, last one scene, if a scene moves through lots of rooms, Storytellers can at their discretion call an end to charm use). You can overuse your rolls and charm access, but doing so can anger the spirit unless you give it compensation. This Spirit while loyal to you cannot be ordered around. Like an Ally, it can be lost if it is mistreated or over used.

All Numen have the Charms Airt Sense and Reform. For each dot in this background, the Numen gains one additional charm. A level 1 Numen has 8 points to spend between Rage, Gnosis and Willpower. A level 2 has 12, a level 3 has 16, a level 4 has 20 and a level 5 has 24. Please keep in mind, Numen are not with you 100 percent of the time. They are spirits, and as such have their own duties and agendas to see too. Storytellers can, if they determine a Numens presence is inappropriate, rule you either calling a favor to your Allied spirit, or rule that the spirit will not agree to be with you at that time.

Pure Breed
Pure-Breed contributes to any Social roll made against, or for, a character of the same Changing Breed as your character. For instance, you may use Pure-Breed dice on an Intimidation roll against a Shadow Lord if you are a Wendigo. But, you may not use Pure-Breed against a Corax. Pure-Breed dice are limited to Social rolls, contradictory to what appears in W:tA, which includes challenges of any kind. In addition, for Garou and Kinfolk with the Recognize Garou Merit, an indication of a character's Pure-Breed is visible in a character's description.

This background relates only to starting with Rites. Values are as per the core werewolf book. Rites acquired in game do not require background dots.

Spirit Heritage
This background allows easier dealing with the spirits that your Shifter resembles. You will need to select your spirit type (plant spirits, elementals, urban spirits, Banes, etc). Whenever dealing with spirits of that type, you add your dots in this background to Social or challenge rolls. Picking banes might cause you problem with other Shifters (unless you are in the wyrm subsphere). If you work against your heritage spirits, they might see you as betraying them and act accordingly in the future.
xxxxx o Spirits can smell their scent on you, though no one else can.

xxxxx oo The spirits note your arrival. You bring your chosen spirits to mind in others when they look at you, though few understand why.

xxxxx ooo In the Umbra, you emanate an intangible, though noticeable, sense of your aligned spirit type.

xxxxx oooo In the Umbra, you have visible hints of your aligned spirit type. Those attuned to nature spirits may have tiny twigs emerge from their fur, for example.

xxxxx ooooo Some question if you really are only half spirit.

Spirit Network
This background is typically meant for Theurge/Mirrors, but any of the Shifting breeds that traverse the umbra can acquire it. It signifies that you have cultivated a relationship with local spirits and work weekly to keep that relationship in good standing. Think of it like a Theurge with a part time job, each dot is akin to 6 hours per week spent in the Umbra chatting up spirits in one general area. These spirits have the ability to pass information about real world events to their buddy.

It does, obviously, necessitate the user have 'Spirit speech'.

Now, It is important to note that most spirits can't see across the gauntlet, so the information you can gain about your neighborhood is very much going to depend on the type of spirits you cultivate your relationship with, and will only be concerned with things going on in the Umbra and Penumbra, or potentially such things as renown. So if you develop this Background, The type of spirits you are cultivating will define the type of information you learn. If you cultivate spirits of renown, then you can hear about the renown jobs! If you focus on spirits of the city, then you might hear about points of spiritual corruption, or changes in the spiritual landscape. It will always, in short, be information relevant to the spirits yu talk to - they are not human, or Fera, and have different interests than you.

xxxxx o You have a few spirits on the look out for interesting information.

xxxxx oo Several Spirits are willing to share what they have seen with you.

xxxxx ooo You have unseen eyes in countless different locations at any time.

xxxxx oooo You have unseen eyes in countless different locations at any time.

xxxxx ooooo You have unseen eyes in countless different locations at any time.

Do very much think of it as a form 'contacts' amongst spirits - possible because you are half spirit yourself. If you wish to gather information, It's a Roll of this background against a TN determined by the storyteller - based on how your query relates to the things the spirits care about.


For creating Talens, see the Talen Creation page. When activating a Talen, you may choose to either burn a Gnosis to activate one Talen in a round, or you may roll your Gnosis vs. the Talen's Gnosis, and split die pool, to activate multiple Talens in a single ground.

Any Shifter may purchase the Totem Background up to Level 5. Only those with a poersonal totem may raise their totem Background above 5.

In a Pack, the Pack's cumulative dots in Totem contribute to the overall power of the Pack Totem and determine how many points they may spend.

Most Shifters may have a Personal Totem, but you must account for all the points required yourself. If you are in a pack, those points will not count towards your Pack Totem.

Fera with Racial Totems, like Raven and Ananasa, may not be able to take Personal Totems. This is case-by-base.

Umbral Maps

This background represents a strong understanding of how to get around in the local Penumbra. If you want to traverse the tainted urban Umbra safely, rather than the real world you may roll your number of dots in this background vs 8. This background can also be rolled in dots vs 8, to hide your trail or give a false one: leading those following you away (this also works on spirits with umbral tracking) from where you are going and into a dangerous umbral location.

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Gnosis cannot be spent or rolled in the same turn as you spent Rage or made a Rage roll.
Carrying silver will cause you to loose Temp Gnosis.
To gain temporary Gnosis:
Hunts: Hunting a spirit in the Umbra and devouring it will gain gnosis. These must be scened out.
Meditation: The command +gnosis (+shelp +gnosis) may be used in locations with an appropriate gauntlet rating. Decades ago, Gaia’s children could draw gnosis from nearly anywhere. Now, the reinforced gauntlet has made this process much more difficult. The two dice pools are: wits + enigma vs 8 and wits + meditation vs 7.

To gain Permanent Gnosis:
Bargaining with Spirits:- You will need to confront a spirit and bargain with it for a portion of its power. Usually the price will be great - the spirit is giving the PC a part of itself. To gain permanent gnosis, the exchange must be voluntary, or some 'power' used for the transfer.
The PC somehow strengthens their connection to the spirit world through plot: In essence, you tell me what you're doing to try and increase your Gnosis, and I will craft some story around it to see if you succeed.

Kinfolk may acquire Gnosis if they undertake a spirit quest. Before Kinfolk can acquire a Gnosis pool, they must acquire the Gnosis Meit, found in Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes. However, Kinfolk may not take the Gnosis Merit in chargen.
Once a kinfolk undertakes a spirit quest, and succeeds, they may purchase the Merit if they have Pure-Breed. The Merit gives Kinfolk access to the ability to purchase the Gnosis pool. The kinfolk’s Merit rating determines his or her cap Gnosis pool rating; the Gnosis 5 Merit means they can acquire Gnosis 1, while the Gnosis 7 Merit means they can acquire Gnosis 3.
Lastly, to acquire the Gnosis pool the kinfolk must undertake a spirit quest, similar to how Garou acquire permanent Gnosis. They may also barter with a spirit for a point of Gnosis, similar to Garou.
Regardless of how much Gnosis a Kinfolk acquires, they will always be limited to Rank 1 Gifts.

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Regaining Temporary Rage

1a) The Moon- When the character first sees the moon at night, the character regains Rage. 1 for New Moon, 2 for Waning, 3 for Waxing or Half, and 4 for Full moon. If the moon matches the Garou's Auspice, he gets back all his Rage. There are variations for Fera, which are dealt with individually. This is coded.

1b) The Sun - When a Mokole or Corax see the sun, on the other hand (Extremely weather dependent) they will recover rage - corax will recover 1 rage at most each time they see the sun, mokole have the potential to gain a lot more if the sky is clear - But they will not refill in seeing their 'auspice' sun. Again, this is coded.

The reason Iv'e set it up this way: It gives Gaia's warriors (The Garou) the fastest rage recovery, and Gaia';s scouts (Who have no business being in a fight) the lowest: And Gaia's Memory (The Mokole) Don't get their auspice full rare recovery, simply because the weather code can't give me that level of detail - and I want to maintain the per-eminence of Garou Rage.

2) Humiliation, Failure, Confrontation - If there is a situation where a Shifter has failed (especially rolling a botch), is being humiliated, or being confronted by a dire enemy, a staffer can decide to give a point of temporary rage back. A player may ask for the point, but it is the staffer's decision that is final.

Increasing Permanent Rage

Rage is a function of the Fera's connection to Luna (Or Helios, as the case may be) filtered through their natural aggression and instincts. To increase it permanently, it can be a result of increasing stresses in your life for the lower levels, but to reach greater heights will require quests and introspection - plot, just for you - to see if you can master the power that is available to you. There are, of course, consequences if you fail. But what are you willing to risk, to build your rage and the defilement of Gaia? If you feel your Rage should increase, talk to Shifter staff to see if they agree - tell me what your justifications are: Or if you are trying to build your fury - tell me your method, and I'll build you a story around it. Just be aware I will enforce Consequences for success and failure.

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You CAN spend willpower on Gift Rolls.

What about stepping sideways, it's also been tradition we can't spend Willpower to Peek or to Step.

You CAN spend Willpower on rolls to Step Sideways. This doesn't mean auto instant stepping, it might prevent a botch, or it might mean you go just a little bit faster - we still use the chart in the corebook.

You will still have to roll to peek, sans Willpower spends. Where we can say - hey, I can force my way through the curtain, clawing through sheer will, I'm not keen on the - I can see through it all, even that dif 9+3 webbing science lab.

TLDR: Yes you can spend Willpower on Gifts. Yes you can spend Willpower for a success in stepping sideways. No you cannot spend Willpower to peek from one side to the other. No you cannot spend Willpower to activate a Talen or Fetish (you can burn 1 gnosis for auto-activate though!)

PS - the Willpower isn't a guaranteed success. It can mean if your dice are a botch, you just had a standard failure. Or, if you had no natural dice successes, you now have one success. Aka rolled 1's can and will reduce the willpower spend to 0 successes.

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Blood Points

Any Gaian out of breed form, or who is a Metis, regenerates 1 Blood Point per hour. As long as they have 1 Blood Point, they can function with no penalties. If they reach 0 BP, they pass out. If not aided within 10 minutes time, the Gaian instantly drops to Incapacitated with no chance of Soak. At this point, they may Rage Heal to regain one Blood Point, and may continue to do so until a botch, once per round. If the Rage Heal botches, the Gaian dies.


Extra Actions: As with other supernaturals, Ananasi cannot exceed five extra actions per round by using the Gift Blood Pump. They are limited to five blood spent on Extra Actions per round.

Feeding: Ananasi can drink up to three blood points from a victim per round. Kindred blood does not nourish them. If feeding from a Shifter that is not Ananasi, the Shifter must make a Frenzy check due to the reputation Ananasi have among Gaians per round that the Ananasi attempts to feed on them - they are not natural allies. This check can be negated by certain Merits based on ST ruling. Nuwisha must make a Willpower check vs 6; if they score less than three successes, the Nuwisha will attempt to flee and follow the rules outlined in Fox Frenzy.

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Buying Gifts
This will be the format for you folk to use when it comes to requesting Gift or Rite learning.

+xprequest <Gift> <Level>=<text>

You will note this is a xprequest, but it will often involve a scene. This is due to the fact that Gifts and Rites take more to learn than just XP. It's an IC interaction with a spirit where you are bargaining to become more powerful in some way. <Text> should include the following:

xxxxxGift: (Name - Book)
xxxxxT/B/A Info: (let me know, is this in TBA, and if so, which)
xxxxxReason: (Please explain why you wish to learn this gift and how it applies to a situation you find yourself in, your auspice or growth of the PC. Be sure to include a clear cut, on grid reason, to learn this. Because its cool, it might come in handy, I wants it: are not acceptable reasons.)
xxxxxInfo: How are you getting hold of the spirit you need? Summoning? Seeking? If summoning, who has agree to summon for you?
xxxxxChiminage: What will you offer the spirit? Keep in mind you need to make the initial offering; this is to show that spirit that you honor it, and its meaning. Chiminage should take some effort or hold some meaning to you.

Gifts that are out of T/B/A without a good reason may or may not be denied. Chiminage proposed is just that, it is your starting point with the spirit. If you aren't sure what a spirit would like, talk to your theurges/mirrors before submitting the +srequest, or submit a request for spirit-lore rolls if you have the lore. Gift learning can require a scene or not, at the sole discretion of Shifter Staff.

Using NPCs' may be permitted to assist you in this. However the goal of this game is to create Roleplay so IF there is a PC that has the ability to be the liaison to the spirits I will directly to them first. Should this fail to bear fruit, then you may have to persuade one of the NPC's to summon for you - and pay whatever price they ask. Probably not too onerous, unless you are on their bad side...

BASTET, CORAX and KITSUNE: After witnessing a Gift used by another player and learning at least a little about what it does and how it works (either by asking, or by observation), Bastet and Kitsune may roll: Perception + Empathy vs Gift-level + 3 to an XP request, after opening it. If you score a number of successes equal to the Gift-level, or higher, you can learn the Gift without a mentor. This will always be costed at out-of T/B/A costs. Bastet can teach other Bastet a Gift without rolls.

Quick cut/paste for your use:

+xprequest <GiftName> <Level>=
T/B/A Info:

Buying Rites
This will be the format for you folk to use when it comes to requesting Gift or Rite learning.

+xprequest <Rite> <Level>=<text>

You will note this is a xprequest, but it will often involve a scene. This is due to the fact that Gifts and Rites take more to learn than just XP. It's an IC interaction with a spirit or person where you are bargaining to become more powerful in some way. <Text> should include the following:

xxxxxRite: (Name - Book)
xxxxxT/B/A Info: If the rite is Tribe or Breed specific, let me know.
xxxxxReason: (Please explain why you wish to learn this rite and how it applies to a situation you find yourself in, your auspice or growth of the PC. Be sure to include a clear cut, on grid reason, to learn this. Because its cool, it might come in handy, I wants it: are not acceptable reasons.)
xxxxxInfo: Who is teaching you this rite? They must have it themselves. If it is an NPC, they may decline to teach you, but you can always ask. Spirits may agree to teach some rites, but it isn't common.
xxxxxChiminage: This section is only applicable if you are learning the rite from a spirit. It is not customary for Garou or Fera to require chiminage, so do not include it if you are learning from one of them.

To learn a new rite a PC must find someone who has the rite themselves (PC or NPC), and convince the other Shifter to teach the rite to them. For NPCs this will require a scene, and probably a favor.
Next, the person learning the rite must roll intelligence + rituals vs rite-level + 3. The number of successes must be equal to or succeed the level of the rite, and the person may choose to do an extended roll, which may occur once per week.
The XP cost for a rite is 1x rite-level.
Garou characters will be largely confined to which rites they can take by their Auspice. Theurges will be largely confined to accord, caern, death, mystic, renown, and seasonal rites; philodox to accord, caern, punishment, and renown. Ragabash may take any rite that aids in their ability to question the interpretation of the Litany, or to teach their sept mates lessons. Galliards are confined to rites that aid in their ability to tell stories, or convey information. Ahroun are the most limited of all and are confined to death and some renown rites. Anyone may take minor rites.
Characters may seek to expand their rites outside the roles of their auspice through ICA. However, staff will watch these closely. In addition, characters may learn rites outside of their breed, assuming they find a willing teacher.
Lastly, Fera’s ability to learn rituals vary wildly and will be taken case-by-case.

Quick cut/paste for your use:

+xprequest <RiteName> <Level>=
T/B/A Info:


For both gifts and Rites, I will use rules in the following order:
20th Anniversary edition > Revised > Second edition.
so if the gift/rite exists in 20th, I'm using those rules. If not, I'll use revised rules. If it does not exist in either (and this largely applies to the Fera) THen we will use the second edition version - but they may be adjusted/houseruled on on a case by case basis.

Rank 1

Mark as Mine By spraying an area with Musk, the Bastet stakes a claim on it. Any Shapeshifter will know that a werecat has marked the place, and any other mystically inclined individuals will recognize a 'keep out!' warning. This usually lasts until someone else remove the Gift with some other magic, or the Bastet does herself. System: The player spends one Gnosis point. . Anyone coming within 10 feet of the mark will feel distinctly uneasy, as if they were trespassing in someone else's house, or stealing the valuables of another. Through Sensory magics, the Mark can be seen and read for what it is. You may remove the gift by spraying the area a second time.

This seems to have been superseded in revised/20th with 'Mine' which only works on objects. So here's a version for claiming territory.

Mother's Touch - Mother's Touch heals, it does not regrow. If a limb is severed, you can use mother's touch to reattach it within that scene, but you can not use it to grow a new limb to replace the old - even in the scene. It is, after all, a rank 1 gift and that means there ARE limits to what it can do.

Sense Magick - This gift ONLY permits ACTIVE effects to be sensed.

Urban Ward - As written, this gift requires a lot of Gnosis to use regularly, resting under its protection every night would be prohibitively costly. But due to the constant and unpredictable nature of MUSH activity, forcing a player to declare and spend for daily use is impractical. Therefore:

  • Possession of this gift creates a positive presumption of its daily use (reflected in a judgenote)
  • The character must have 1 point of Gnosis to set the Ward, and if it doesn't go off, that point is regained when the Ward expires -- No need to +burn
  • Total Gnosis cost if the Ward is triggered is DOUBLED to 2 points
  • If the Ward is triggered, and the Character doesn't have 2 points of Gnosis to burn, they must expend their existing Gnosis pool and take 1 lethal damage as their body is ravaged by their spiritual hunger

Empathy of Hatred - As written, It's an automatic 'I find Shifters!' So to make it a little harder: It now does require a roll, of perception+primal-urge vs (10 - <their rage>) - and to make life easy, It's been coded into the 'look' command.

Rank 2

Coils of the Serpent

1) Can other gifts stack on this gift for the strength of the coils (ie: Falcon's Grasp) and do Pack Totem bonus count? No. No gift will stack on this one. To try would bring disapproval from the pair of spirits involved. The same is true for a Totem bonus. The Coils receive ONLY the physical stats of the homid form of the Shifter using this Gift.

2) Can the coils be attacked and 'killed'? Yes, the tentacles can be targeted. They have three health levels.

3) The "escape" roll: is that reflexive or does it cost the victim an action? This is a reflexive roll, to be done as grapple is.

4) If one target is neutralized, can the coils move to another target, or are they rooted to their original spot? Once a target is bound, the tentacles are going to stay binding it. If their target is otherwise immobilized or knocked out, an expenditure of Willpower by the user of the Gift can redirect them. It is all or nothing in moving their location, and they will not move unless the target they are on, is otherwise immobile or unconscious.

Sense of the Prey

As this gift is wide open in the rules, we've had to pull it back for a PvP environment. So, the requirements of what you have to know are below: xxxxxHaving seen your prey xxxxxKnowing your prey's name. (Enough to be reasonably unique. Chuck Terrible, Vanessa St Laurent, Uncle Chuck.) xxxxxHaving a fairly detailed description of your prey and a time and place where they have been.

The description needs to be somewhat accurate. If it doesn't match the physical description of person at the time of the search, the results will vary depending on what they have employed. Changing your hair color won't work, shaving a beard wouldn't work to thwart this gift. This is because you can still be recognized by the rest of your facial anatomy and by your scent. Being worked over with powers that effect real physical change, sever, or decay connection does thwart this gift. Examples include but are not limited to: Entropy, Correspondence 3, life magick, Metamorphosis, Primal 5, Viscissitude, etc.

If they are obfuscated, under the guise of illusion of any of a myriad of powers, from a disguise that they employed, this affects the result. It won't reveal them, just bring you to the approximated location. They still have a connection that the gift is able to follow, but it is like kicking up mud at the bottom of a lake.

In addition, the roll against their stealth is required in every situation.

True Fear - This may be thwarted by expending 1 willpower point per round. He must spend the willpower until either he runs out or the duration of true fear has expended.

Whisker Sight - This will not reveal illusions as such, unless they are being used to conceal something else - for example, an illusion making a table look like a dog. (In other words, as a form of concealment)

Morphean Bite - This is another import from second edition: I've tried to close all the loopholes that make it an insta-kill power.

With this gift, the Ananasi can generate a narcoleptic venom, to immobilize those who might be immune to their natural venom. System: You must inflict at least one level of damage on your target, after soak rolls: you may then roll Gnosis, at a difficulty of their Stamina (Never higher than nine). If Successful, the target immediately succumbs, falling into a deep sleep for 12 hours per success. Any attacks or injuries to the target immediately wake them (They will wake as the attack is made, permitting a chance to defend themselves), or if moved (Such as to tie them up) - but strong smells or noises will not.

Kitchen Chemistry' - The gift was rather fuzzy on boring things like how long the bombs will last (I'm going for one lunar month, which is 28 days) and if it's dice or levels (I'm going for dice, as rank 2 gift) also, to close the loophole of a rank 2, rage 10 bone gnawer ahroun making a few for all his friends that do 10 dice of agg? Only the person who made them can use them.

One scene. One Rage. At least three household kitchen chemicals approved by the Storyteller. The Result? An explosion inflicting an amount of aggrevated damage dice equal to the characters permanent Rage. Detonating the explosives properly is the difficult part.%RAt the end of the scene in which the chemicals are cooked, the character attempts an Intelligence + Science roll (difficulty 6). With one success, the explosives will detonate at the specified date and time. Three successes allow them to be thrown (Dexterity + Athletics, distance equal to the Garous Strength in yards) or triggered by remote (line of sight). Five successes allow for a complex trigger, such as a timed matchbox fuse, trip wire, weight-sensative pressure plate, or sound of a particular television personalitys voice. On a botch, of course, the bomb goes off in the Garous face.%R%RThe bombs will decompose back into their constituent parts after 28 days, and (Due t otheir haphazard nature) can only be used by their creator.

Rank 3

Silver Claws

Gurahl with this Gift do not regain Rage at one Rage per round. This Gift is otherwise unchanged.

Drop of Sea

This Qualmi gift from seconded is rank 3, and is a delightfully vague mishmash of a rank 4 and a rank 5 gift. so this is my present ruling on how it works (Provisional, I'm still not completely happy with it) The Character with this Gift may change herself into any animal between the sizes of a small bird and a bear, or the exact likeness of another human, great cat, or Bastet. The Character gains all the special capabilities (flight, gills, poison, sensory abilities, etc.) of the animal she mimics. System: The character spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge (Difficulty 7). He needs only one success to assume a generic animal or person, but if attempting to take the form of a specific individual, needs at least 3 successes. Anyone whom succeeds at a Perception + Enigmas roll, Difficulty 8, can see the Bastet for what he truly is - and by asking him a riddle he cannot answer, will destroy the illusion completely.

Rank 4

Might of Ananasa

Ananasi with this Gift, must roll Strength + Medicine vs 6. They may then choose to spend a number of Blood Points up to their total successes on the roll, but no more; these Blood Points will be added to their Strength score, in any form, for the duration of the scene. An Ananasi may not add more Blood Points to her Strength score than her total number of successes on the roll.

Blood Pump

As with other Supernaturals, Ananasi are limited to 5 extra actions per round. This means that Blood Pump will only allow them to burn five Blood Points per round dedicated to taking Extra Actions.

Rank 4

Thieving Talons of the Magpie/Spider If used to try and steal the powers of a mage, You're stealing a particular spell you have seen him use, or combat Jnote he possesses.

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Rites are ceremonies of a very complicated nature. They usually require a turn to perform, although their actions can be instantaneous. A ritual must be done with some peace - one cannot be doing something else and performing a ritual at the same time.

Rituals that create items (e.g. Rite of the Fetish, Rite of Binding) must have items prepared before hand. While there are no set rules for what these items must be, there must be forethought applies to the items. It is the care that the ritualist brings to selecting the vessel, which makes the vessel special. Please see the clarifications and process to create items on the Fetish page.

Rites - Gurahl: Rending the Gauntlet <1>: Found in Gurahl, pg. 104. The Gurahl cannot step sideways; they must rip open the gauntlet to pass into the near-umbra. The Gurahl can keep the hole open for a period of one minute while others pass through, effectively eliminating a friend’s, or clever foe’s, need to step-sideways. After the Gurahl enters the hole, it closes immediately.

Designing rites <BETA>

Creating your own rites is possible. Really, really hard, and generally the kind of thing that's gonna get you renown on a par with making a fetish, and also very restrictive.

A Rite is, fundamentally, religious ritual: so when we talk about making a new rite, we're talking about working out a new way of showing reverence for a specific result - It relies on ceremony, as well as arrangements and deals with the spirits that would empower it - they have to agree that it fits within their wheelhouse. Meaning most times, i'mma gonna say no.

  • What is possible: Firstly. The Rite must either be a variation on a rite you already know (Say, to make a high level version) or something that is linked to the totem of your tribe (See Tribal rites) or the spirits of the Caern (Which will likely only work at that Caern). Again, I reserve the right to say 'no'.
  • What is required to do it? Firstly, a minimum of Rituals 4 - this is not an exercise for dilettantes. Secondly, an extended roll of intelligence+rituals, at a TN set by me (but think around the region of 8) Made at a rate of 1 roll per month, looking for between 5 and ten times as many total successes as the level of the rite. A botch, or two failures, loses you all your successes.

That done, you must approach the relevant totem, and essentially ask for their approval and aid - again, this is going to be nontrivial. But if you succeed? You can perform it for their satisfaction - and assuming your 'test run 'succeeds, you succeed in making the ritual.
If your tewt run fails, the odds are high the spirit will deny your request.

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Here is a list of totems where I've tweaked their abilities (Due to vagueness/edition) or made a ruling. I expect it to grow.
  • Opossom (4)

Traits: The Pack gains Stealth 3 and the Gift: Resist Toxin. They also receive -2 difficulty on climbing rolls.

Ban: Children of 'Possum must never kill one of her children. They must be particularly careful when driving, especially on rainy nights, and must attempt to 'decently' dispose of any roadkill they encounter.

  • Mistress of Cats (6)

Favors: The Mistress comes to comfort her lost or fearful children, or to rally them for a good fight. In every aspect, the Mistress teaches all the Gifts of catkind to those who deserve them. Occasionally, she grants some special power or sends animal minions to a follower's aid; under most circumstances, however, the Mistress prefers to come in person, advise a cat, and leave.

Ban: While the eternal Nala may be drawn to Cahlash, her Mistress aspect despises corruption. A fierce enemy to Asura, she has nothing to do with the servants of Cahlash, especially if those servants are cats. Needless destruction or perversion is anathema to her. A Bastet who joins Cahlash will lose this Jamak forever.

Ruling: The question was: does Mistress of cats permit access to gifts outside T/B at T/B costs? The precedent has been set that it does: And it has been noted that this is her only trick. so I am preserving this precedent - all Bastet charms at T/B costs - with the following provisos:-

    • Cost is increasing from 5 to 6.
    • The key word is 'Deserving' Access to gifts outside T/B - Bastet who do not impress her willl find her saying no to some requests, like any other mentor might.
There are certain situations where a Shifter may frenzy. Such causes could be embarrassment, humiliation, any strong emotion including lust, extreme hunger, confinement, helplessness, being taunted, being wronged, silver in the vicinity, botching an important roll, etc.

Difficulties are decided by the phase of the moon:

8 for New
7 for Crescent
6 for Half
5 for Gibbous
4 for Full

Fera may have different difficulties.

If the Shifter is in Crinos form, the difficulty is decreased by one.

Continual stimulus may cause the successes from Rage rolls to accumulate: if 4 or more successes are scored, the character enters frenzy. This can be either a Berserk Frenzy, or a Fox frenzy, decided as appropriate to the circumstances: expenditure of a Willpower point may be used to force one or the other. Six or more successes creates a 'Thrall of the Wyrm' frenzy.

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Renown Submissions

When submitting your renown jobs, please keep the following in mind.

1) +renown Explanation - for your first renown request of the month

2) Please give a brief, but detailed explanation of what you did to earn the renown you want. I don't need a story, but assuming the staffer who processes knows the ins and outs of every scene will just lead to confusion. Be as clear as you can on what happened: if your submission is confusing and leaves out important details, it will be treated as if a retelling of your story to NPCs (shifter or spirit) leaves out those details as well.

3) Before submitting, glance at the chart for your subsphere in the books: are you really submitting something worth renown? The books of course aren't all encompassing, but they give a good idea of what will and won't generate renown. Even if your group doesn't have a huge chart, look at the others, does it fit in there somewhere?

4) Expectations. Rank, Auspice/Pryio: These will be taken into account for your submissions. Expectations change depending on what rank you are and what auspice/aspect/pryio you are. What got you renown at rank 1, will not get you as much at rank 2, and even less at rank 3 if any at all. Different A/A/P are expected to do different things. Did you go above and beyond the call of your function, or is it something that's currently expected of you?

5) Learning from pack: as packs tend to teach one another with regularity, crossing auspice/tribe/rank etc lines, these educational moments generate less renown, if any at all.

6) also consider if you've witnessed anything that might deserve a reduction in renown for another.

7) Once you have a renown job in the system, any further notes on renown changes should just be added to that job.

Rite of Accomplishment

If you see your renown hit 10 temp, its up to you to make the next move. There are two ways to go about this:

1.) Talk to PCs maybe they will do it for you (so long as they aren't packmates). This is the preferred method.

2.) Put in for elders to give you the RoA.

Then a posting will be made once I know the above has been completed. This posting will be to the renown boards from me saying - hey, this person is having this done, please submit a job by X date if you would heckle. It may actually be a scene where one of the PCs runs the rite on you with a couple others present. Point is, it is not auto-done, and the rolls will be made.

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Spirit Combat

How combat works with Spirits, a brief explanation:

Spirits have 4 primary statistics:

  • Willpower
  • Rage
  • Gnosis
  • Essence

Please note, 2nd ed spirits need fixed, as they're written for a time they can't soak.

  • Willpower is used in place of Dex and stamina. To hit their targets, and to soak inbound damage.
  • Rage is used in place of Strength.
  • Gnosis is used for mental and social stats.
  • Essence is the spirit's Health levels and power battery. Some charms are powered by the spirit's Essence. These will be noted.
  • Shifters, due to their half-spirit nature, use the standard difficulty (Typically 6) when rolling to damage a spirit.

These Stats are not the same as the stats shifters have of the same name. They cannot be 'spent'. No additional actions, no automatic successes.

In addition, spirits can't die, only be forced into the state known as Slumber. This will pass in time, waking up elsewhere.

Summoning Spirits
I will clarify what is already written in the books for how we do things here in the Shifter sphere. This goes for all variations of Shifters:

Step 1 - Circumstances:' The player must define where they are performing the ritual, when, and how. Meaning, you should pose anything special about the summoning, including how long you would be taking.

Step 2 - Umbra or Peek: The Player must either be in the Umbra, or must roll their Gnosis versus the local Gauntlet in order to pierce it. If the character is not able to pierce the gauntlet - such as with Mokole, Bastet, etc - then the player may skip this roll. The spirit, in turn, gets the option to decide if it will manifest for them in the Tellurian (Realm) or not. Remember that some spirits are either too weak or simply lack the necessary charms in order for them to manifest. If they do manifest, they will not be visible in the normal manner.

Step 3 - Book Mechanics: The Player then looks at the Core book, under Rite of Summoning. There is a chart listed there, giving the difficulties for the different levels of spirits. You may subtract 1 from the difficulty per extra hour taken, to a minimum of Difficulty 3. Extreme length may require Stamina rolls to continue performing the ritual - falling asleep may be bad also.

Step 4 - Golden Rule: Sometimes staff will assign a difficulty ourselves, but other times we may say simply to roll the appropriate difficulty for that level of spirit - as noted above. The Player will then roll their Gnosis against the adjusted difficulty as per Step 3. The Core Book gives an idea of how the spirit may react, but as it notes - the Brood and type of spirit may have an effect different than the stated success chart.

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