Shifter-Specific House Rules/Buying Gifts

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This will be the format for you folk to use when it comes to requesting Gift or Rite learning.

+xprequest <Gift> <Level>=<text>

You will note this is a xprequest, but it will sometimes involve a scene. This is due to the fact that Gifts take more to learn than just XP. It's an IC interaction with a spirit or person where you are bargaining to become more powerful in some way. <Text> should include the following:

xxxxxGift: Name - Book, please note all gifts must come from a 20th anniversary book
xxxxxT/B/A Info: If the Gift is Tribe or Breed specific, let me know.
xxxxxReason: Please explain why you wish to learn this Gift and how it applies to a situation you find yourself in, your auspice or growth of the PC. Be sure to include a clear cut, on grid reason, to learn this. Reasons such as: because its cool, it might come in handy, I wants it; are not acceptable reasons.
xxxxxInfo: Who is teaching you this gift? A PC or NPC must have it themselves to be able to teach it. If it is an NPC, they may decline to teach you, but you can always ask. Mentors are more likely to teach you than non-mentor NPCs. If you are summoning a spirit, please note who is doing the summoning and what spirit is being summoned.
xxxxxChiminage: This is where you tell me how you are paying for the knowledge. There will always be some sort of chiminage for the spirit teaching you a gift. The higher the gift, the more costly and/or time consuming the chiminage might be. If the gift is out of BTA the cost will be as if you are learning something 1-2 levels higher.

We are not currently allowing the discovery of new gifts. All gifts MUST come from the 20th anniversary books. If you desire to learn something that is only associated with another race, you must have the appropriate racial lore to know about it ICly.

Quick cut/paste for your use:

+xprequest <Gift> <Level>=
T/B/A Info: