Shifter-Specific House Rules/Buying Gifts

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This will be the format for you folk to use when it comes to requesting Gift or Rite learning.

+xprequest <Gift> <Level>=<text>

You will note this is a xprequest, but it will often involve a scene. This is due to the fact that Gifts and Rites take more to learn than just XP. It's an IC interaction with a spirit where you are bargaining to become more powerful in some way. <Text> should include the following:

xxxxxGift: (Name - Book)
xxxxxT/B/A Info: (let me know, is this in TBA, and if so, which)
xxxxxReason: (Please explain why you wish to learn this gift and how it applies to a situation you find yourself in, your auspice or growth of the PC. Be sure to include a clear cut, on grid reason, to learn this. Because its cool, it might come in handy, I wants it: are not acceptable reasons.)
xxxxxInfo: How are you getting hold of the spirit you need? Summoning? Seeking? If summoning, who has agree to summon for you?
xxxxxChiminage: What will you offer the spirit? Keep in mind you need to make the initial offering; this is to show that spirit that you honor it, and its meaning. Chiminage should take some effort or hold some meaning to you.

Gifts that are out of T/B/A without a good reason may or may not be denied. Chiminage proposed is just that, it is your starting point with the spirit. If you aren't sure what a spirit would like, talk to your theurges/mirrors before submitting the +srequest, or submit a request for spirit-lore rolls if you have the lore. Gift learning can require a scene or not, at the sole discretion of Shifter Staff.

Using NPCs' may be permitted to assist you in this. However the goal of this game is to create Roleplay so IF there is a PC that has the ability to be the liaison to the spirits I will directly to them first. Should this fail to bear fruit, then you may have to persuade one of the NPC's to summon for you - and pay whatever price they ask. Probably not too onerous, unless you are on their bad side...

BASTET, CORAX and KITSUNE: After witnessing a Gift used by another player and learning at least a little about what it does and how it works (either by asking, or by observation), Bastet and Kitsune may roll: Perception + Empathy vs Gift-level + 3 to an XP request, after opening it. If you score a number of successes equal to the Gift-level, or higher, you can learn the Gift without a mentor. This will always be costed at out-of T/B/A costs. Bastet can teach other Bastet a Gift without rolls.

Quick cut/paste for your use:

+xprequest <GiftName> <Level>=
T/B/A Info: