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This will be the format for you folk to use when it comes to requesting Gift or Rite learning.

+xprequest <Rite> <Level>=<text>

You will note this is a xprequest, but it will often involve a scene. This is due to the fact that Gifts and Rites take more to learn than just XP. It's an IC interaction with a spirit or person where you are bargaining to become more powerful in some way. <Text> should include the following:

xxxxxRite: (Name - Book)
xxxxxT/B/A Info: If the rite is Tribe or Breed specific, let me know.
xxxxxReason: (Please explain why you wish to learn this rite and how it applies to a situation you find yourself in, your auspice or growth of the PC. Be sure to include a clear cut, on grid reason, to learn this. Because its cool, it might come in handy, I wants it: are not acceptable reasons.)
xxxxxInfo: Who is teaching you this rite? They must have it themselves. If it is an NPC, they may decline to teach you, but you can always ask. Spirits may agree to teach some rites, but it isn't common.
xxxxxChiminage: This section is only applicable if you are learning the rite from a spirit. It is not customary for Garou or Fera to require chiminage, so do not include it if you are learning from one of them.

To learn a new rite a PC must find someone who has the rite themselves (PC or NPC), and convince the other Shifter to teach the rite to them. For NPCs this will require a scene, and probably a favor.
Next, the person learning the rite must roll intelligence + rituals vs rite-level + 3. The number of successes must be equal to or succeed the level of the rite, and the person may choose to do an extended roll, which may occur once per week.
The XP cost for a rite is 1x rite-level.
Garou characters will be largely confined to which rites they can take by their Auspice. Theurges will be largely confined to accord, caern, death, mystic, renown, and seasonal rites; philodox to accord, caern, punishment, and renown. Ragabash may take any rite that aids in their ability to question the interpretation of the Litany, or to teach their sept mates lessons. Galliards are confined to rites that aid in their ability to tell stories, or convey information. Ahroun are the most limited of all and are confined to death and some renown rites. Anyone may take minor rites.
Characters may seek to expand their rites outside the roles of their auspice through ICA. However, staff will watch these closely. In addition, characters may learn rites outside of their breed, assuming they find a willing teacher.
Lastly, Fera’s ability to learn rituals vary wildly and will be taken case-by-case.

Quick cut/paste for your use:

+xprequest <RiteName> <Level>=
T/B/A Info: