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Renown Submissions

When submitting your renown jobs, please keep the following in mind.

1) +renown Explanation - for your first renown request of the month

2) Please give a brief, but detailed explanation of what you did to earn the renown you want. I don't need a story, but assuming the staffer who processes knows the ins and outs of every scene will just lead to confusion. Be as clear as you can on what happened: if your submission is confusing and leaves out important details, it will be treated as if a retelling of your story to NPCs (shifter or spirit) leaves out those details as well.

3) Before submitting, glance at the chart for your subsphere in the books: are you really submitting something worth renown? The books of course aren't all encompassing, but they give a good idea of what will and won't generate renown. Even if your group doesn't have a huge chart, look at the others, does it fit in there somewhere?

4) Expectations. Rank, Auspice/Pryio: These will be taken into account for your submissions. Expectations change depending on what rank you are and what auspice/aspect/pryio you are. What got you renown at rank 1, will not get you as much at rank 2, and even less at rank 3 if any at all. Different A/A/P are expected to do different things. Did you go above and beyond the call of your function, or is it something that's currently expected of you?

5) Learning from pack: as packs tend to teach one another with regularity, crossing auspice/tribe/rank etc lines, these educational moments generate less renown, if any at all.

6) also consider if you've witnessed anything that might deserve a reduction in renown for another.

7) Once you have a renown job in the system, any further notes on renown changes should just be added to that job.

Rite of Accomplishment

If you see your renown hit 10 temp, its up to you to make the next move. There are two ways to go about this:

1.) Talk to PCs maybe they will do it for you (so long as they aren't packmates). This is the preferred method.

2.) Put in for elders to give you the RoA.

Then a posting will be made once I know the above has been completed. This posting will be to the renown boards from me saying - hey, this person is having this done, please submit a job by X date if you would heckle. It may actually be a scene where one of the PCs runs the rite on you with a couple others present. Point is, it is not auto-done, and the rolls will be made.

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