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Spirit Combat
How combat works with Spirits, a brief explanation:

Spirits have 4 primary statistics:

  • Willpower
  • Rage
  • Gnosis
  • Essence

Please note, 2nd ed spirits need fixed, as they're written for a time they can't soak.

  • Willpower is used in place of Dex and stamina. To hit their targets, and to soak inbound damage.
  • Rage is used in place of Strength.
  • Gnosis is used for mental and social stats.
  • Essence is the spirit's Health levels and power battery. Some charms are powered by the spirit's Essence. These will be noted.
  • Shifters, due to their half-spirit nature, use the standard difficulty (Typically 6) when rolling to damage a spirit.

These Stats are not the same as the stats shifters have of the same name. They cannot be 'spent'. No additional actions, no automatic successes.

In addition, spirits can't die, only be forced into the state known as Slumber. This will pass in time, waking up elsewhere.

Summoning Spirits
I will clarify what is already written in the books for how we do things here in the Shifter sphere. This goes for all variations of Shifters:

Step 1 - Circumstances:' The player must define where they are performing the ritual, when, and how. Meaning, you should pose anything special about the summoning, including how long you would be taking.

Step 2 - Umbra or Peek: The Player must either be in the Umbra, or must roll their Gnosis versus the local Gauntlet in order to pierce it. If the character is not able to pierce the gauntlet - such as with Mokole, Bastet, etc - then the player may skip this roll. The spirit, in turn, gets the option to decide if it will manifest for them in the Tellurian (Realm) or not. Remember that some spirits are either too weak or simply lack the necessary charms in order for them to manifest. If they do manifest, they will not be visible in the normal manner.

Step 3 - Book Mechanics: The Player then looks at the Core book, under Rite of Summoning. There is a chart listed there, giving the difficulties for the different levels of spirits. You may subtract 1 from the difficulty per extra hour taken, to a minimum of Difficulty 3. Extreme length may require Stamina rolls to continue performing the ritual - falling asleep may be bad also.

Step 4 - Golden Rule: Sometimes staff will assign a difficulty ourselves, but other times we may say simply to roll the appropriate difficulty for that level of spirit - as noted above. The Player will then roll their Gnosis against the adjusted difficulty as per Step 3. The Core Book gives an idea of how the spirit may react, but as it notes - the Brood and type of spirit may have an effect different than the stated success chart.

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