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Caern Location: Currently Missing
OOC Travel: +caern - Goes to physical location that used to contain a Caern.
Caern Information: To be filled in soon
Dedication: Missing
Totem of Wisdom: N/a
Primary Tribes: N/A
Moonbridges N/A
Other NPCs in Use N/A

OOC note: Staff are the only ones that have permission to access the NPC elders and kinfolk of the Sept.

Greater Offices Lesser Offices
Alpha Howl-Calls-Ice
Beta Last-Call
Warder: Sassenach
Ritemaster: Howls-in-the-Dark
Gatekeeper: Throws-Dumpsters
Elders: Spider's Judgment, Sassenach, Throws-Dumpsters
Truthcatcher: Triat's Bane
Master of the Howl and Talesinger: Soul Uncaged
Wyrmfoe: Runs at the Moon - PC - Taya
Keeper of the Land: Wields-the-Truth
Guardians: Triat's Bane, Coyote's Bane, Boxcutter, Stag's Truth ,Sparkdancer

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