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If you want to apply for a Shifter or Kinfolk character on Sheltering Sky: Colorado By Night, you must meet the following requirements.

A. You must be here to have fun. I have no time requirements for players. RP is entertainment, not a chore. If it becomes a chore, then contact staff so that we can reach a resolution.

B. Recognize that even if you do not connect, the game will move forward without you. No staff-run plot will hinge on a single character. If a player-run plot stalls because a player has not logged on, contact staff so that a resolution can be found. Players who believe their availability will vary wildly should create reasons for their absence on grid.

C. IC and OOC must be kept separate. Initial infractions are often mistakes, and staff understands this. Repeated infractions of this rule will result in more serious punishment as per the rules of Sheltering Sky.

D. You must have access to Werewolf: the Apocalypse. If you do not play Garou, you must have access to your breed’s corresponding book. You must also be willing to read and reference these books on occasion after an initial skim of both, especially concerning basic topics. When I ask you to read the manual regarding a certain rule, I expect you to do so. Remember, other players may be able to help you find information as well.

E. You can expect professionalism from me, and I will ask other staff to treat you with respect. In turn, I ask that all shifter players treat their staff and fellows with the same level of respect. When a problem occurs, and they inevitably will, keep this in mind when communicating with staff and other players. However, this is not a business or a courtroom. We can laugh and joke. We can talk about videogames and television. Our discussions can be deep or ridiculous.

F. Review and become familiar with the house rules. Some of them are quite involved, so do not be afraid to ask questions. The wiki will remain updated on individual house rules, including Gifts, Rites, Fetish creation, Talen creation, Backgrounds, and others.

If you want to take an action, don't page and ask me - hey is it ok if I put in a job to storm the castle? You don't need my permission to act. Just pop in the job, include the details so I can set the action in motion. And bam, action will take place! Sometimes you might want to ask NPCs for permission about something, but thats IC stuff, wholly different than asking me. Heck, sometimes they will say no, because they have their own agenda - them saying no does not equate to don't do it - it equates to the NPCs fulfilling their own desires and motivations (which may or may not be to your benefit). Back to Top