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Pokoh's Peak

An Epiphling of a ski resort town

Affinity: Wyld There’s just enough of a spark of chaos and uncertainty on behalf of the locals thanks to how their chief industries -- skiing and other outdoor tourist activities -- rely on the mercurial mercy of good weather and better seasons. On top of this unpredictable pulse and cyclical nature of a ski-town, the tourism and the mysterious goings on stimulates the locals’ attitudes and imaginations with a rollicking flux of new faces, new perspectives, new experiences.

Seasonality-Based Quirks: Pokoh’s is harder to summon and communicate with during the off season (late April-May, late September, October), and its Ban may change when it “comes back” (June and November) according to the latest trends. Y’all did a lot of goddamn setting on fire.

Personality: Patient, fatalistic, full of awe and curiosity, with a self-defensive hunger for information about goings-on outside of its own city limits. Remember that at the end of the day, it’s an amoral wyld-bent abstract concept of a tourist town, it ain’t your buddy.

Ban: Do not start a flame, allow nothing to burn in your presence within the city limits.

Gifts And Stuff: If Pokoh’s is your totem: He grants the Rank 4 Bone Gnawer Gift Attunement specific to the city itself. The shit won’t work outside of Pokoh’s Peak (so it’s not really Rank 4 Material, but that’s the mechanics).

If Pokoh’s favors you in general: ICly, spirits will bring you dreams that are snippets of information: mechanically you get -1 difficulty to all Area Knowledge rolls specific to the city.

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