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An Epiphling of a ski resort town

Affinity: Wyld There’s just enough of a spark of chaos and uncertainty on behalf of the locals thanks to how their chief industries -- skiing and other outdoor tourist activities -- rely on the mercurial mercy of good weather and better seasons. On top of this unpredictable pulse and cyclical nature of a ski-town, the tourism and the mysterious goings on stimulates the locals’ attitudes and imaginations with a rollicking flux of new faces, new perspectives, new experiences.

Appearance: Some tan-skinned asshole in a patagonia jacket, let’s be real here.

Seasonality-Based Quirks: Pokoh’s is harder to summon and communicate with during the off season (late April-May, late September, October), and its Ban may change when it “comes back” (June and November) according to the latest trends. Y’all did a lot of goddamn setting on fire.

Concerns: Just as you would pay little if any mind to a ladybug on a blade of grass in the park, Pokoh’s isn’t really cognizant of its individual inhabitants on some sort of personally caring level, except for anybody who is community stalwart of several years. It is far more disposed towards the well-being of its bricks and the keeping of its grounds, putting responsible city infrastructure and wildlife conservation at the top of its priorities.

Personality: Patient, fatalistic, full of awe and curiosity, with a self-defensive hunger for information about goings-on outside of its own city limits. Remember that at the end of the day, it’s an amoral wyld-bent abstract concept of a tourist town, it ain’t your buddy.

Ban: Do not start a flame, allow nothing to burn in your presence within the city limits (Consider updating July 20th IRL. In the meantime, just to drive the point home that he doesn’t give a shit about people, he gives a shit about his structure, you’re just going to have to hand out heat packs to them freezing homeless. Fuck your trash fires.)

Gifts And Stuff: If Pokoh’s is your totem: He grants the Rank 4 Bone Gnawer Gift Attunement specific to the city itself. The shit won’t work outside of Pokoh’s Peak (so it’s not really Rank 4 Material, but that’s the mechanics).

If Pokoh’s favors you in general: ICly, spirits will bring you dreams that are snippets of information: mechanically you get -1 difficulty to all Area Knowledge rolls specific to the city.

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