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@tel location: Downtown - Elm and Tucker (#10403)

Private area: +pl. This door is guarded by two Mortal security guards under strict orders not to permit anyone inside, or to enter themselves. I can't read the security jnote but I think its key card access only. Like the vault. For now I will give any Garou or Kin that wants a key, a key. Fera are a case by case basis, obviously I won't be opening this area to Dawn or Gavin. Period. Without an order from the Sept Elders made publicly. I have a +job in to have Loon code the exit to admit Group(s): Gaian and Garou.

Expectations in the public area: Club Eclipse is a fully functional night club. Mortals are present and make up the majority of the staff: wait staff, bouncers, hookers, drug dealers...etc.

Resources available in the private area:
xxxxxThe Lounge is pretty cool. You can be in any form you want and its still a relaxing location. The Gauntlet is as a city rating.
xxxxxThe Rift is a place /any/ Gaian can cross and seek many layers of the umbral region. travel with care! Gauntlet is 0

Spirits guarding: --still in progress--

NPCS: Numerous Mortal Bouncers. Numerous mortal staff.

Ambiance: Eclipse is an LA style nightclub. High Energy. Catering to the hip-hop crowed some nights, and the industrial on others with everything in between. Minus Country music of course.

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