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Note: Feel free to page any active shifter staff if there are any questions during the application process. The command +staff will reveal a list of staff, and the command page <name>=<message> will allow for private communication.

1. Read Character Creation Requirements in Shifter Sphere.

2. Think carefully of a concept you will have fun playing. Submit a +concept on the game. Summarize what Tribe/Auspice you desire, what type of roleplay interests you, and outstanding aspects of your character (such as career and unique storyline bits)

3. Once your concept is approved, please create a starting level character as you would if you were playing a table-top game; for feature characters with more starting points, they will be added after we approve the basic character. When submitting, make the character sheet run in one column down the left side of the page with numerical values. Do not attempt to recreate a character sheet; this helps speed up the approval and statting process.


4. Submit your background in the same mail with your statistics to You must also indicate that you have read all of the spheres House Rules. You cannot be approved until you have read and understood them. You also must have access to the Core Werewolf Revised Book. Feel free to contact any Shifter Staff you see to ask questions.

Note: Click on the Species name below for the appropriate Background Questionnaire.

Garou: (5) OPEN
Kinfolk: (1) OPEN (All Races)
Bastet: (1) OPEN
Other Fera: (2) OPEN
Antagonists: (0) Closed

5. The Shifter Wiz will respond in a few days with questions, suggestions, or an announcement of approval. If you do not hear from a staffer within a week, please contact us on the game. Unfortunately, we have had applications get lost in spam filters.

6. Sometimes, staff will ask you to add or take away parts of your application. While this is necessary for approval, do not be afraid to argue for the importance of this or that statistic or background. The more eloquent you can be in describing the importance of the statistic, the most chance you will keep it.

7. Once we tell you that you are approved, use +check on yourself and fill it out as much as you can. Do not go through chargen. Shifter staff employs the hand-statting process to make sure that you and they have not left anything out.

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