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Once upon a Time.. a mountain spirit cried in pain, pierced by the actions of Man. Miners dug into his skin and burrowed deep, worse than the ticks upon a bear. Foresters razed trees, started fires and stole the very flesh that protected the spirit. The mountain faded in strength, faded into a tiny ball until found by the Gaian creatures that newly moved into the area. These intrepid Gurahl, Bastet, and Garou removed the blight of the miners that remained, and worked to heal the spirit. And what they discovered blew their mind away ~ A hidden glen that gave rich gnosis from the waters within the deep lake.
Location: Found within the Umbra within Squaw Pass at the Sun's Tear Wildlife Reserve. (Travel is +glen)
Gauntlet Rating: 4

OOC note: As there are no umbral pre-made places, the location has a +jnote with the description of the umbral glen and its spirit guardians. Staff are the only ones that have permission to access the two spirits within the glen.

Crocus Heart Mountain Spirit - A giant bear, bigger than even the Crinosed Gurahl. Foliage blossoms randomly from the fur of the spirit, and is Wyld based. Found around the mountain of the gnosis lake, willing to work with Gaian creatures to protect Squaw Mountain. May be used to learn /some/ rites and gifts - Staff discretion with proper justification.

Tiger Muskie Spirit - A huge fish that guards the umbral pond where the gnosis pool generates. This fish is also manifested in the earth realm, and stays deep at the bottom of the earthly pond to protect the Gaian visitors from those Other type of peoples.

This Glen is open to ALL Gaian folk, and guarded in the earthly realm by Arthur Nazarov

Additionally ALL Gaian and their kinfolk may find shelter within the hidden treehouse on the edge of the glen. They may make it their home or use the ritual room above. Again, IC secrecy is requested to maintain protection of the glen and its creatures on both sides. (Once in the Glen, type HT)

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