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There are three major themes that resonate with the rest of the World of Darkness and are the core of Werewolf: the Apocalypse. They are violence, sex, and survival. All three are heavily contested in virtually every WoD game I have ever seen, so I think it is wise to explain how each fit into this sphere and game.

In short, I expect violence to be the norm in this game. However, I do expect it to be rooted in both conviction and sound reasoning.
Moreso than perhaps any game in WoD, though perhaps not more than every faction, W:tA is about violence. It is a very violent game. The primary event that lead to the state of affairs is filled with genocide and homicidal maniacs. Those same maniac’s descendents walk the earth today, and not all of them have learned from history. Beyond the War of Rage, and subsequent wars, is the looming Apocalypse; a host of Wyrm spawn that must be destroyed; battles for Rank; everyday disagreements; Rage frenzies, and more, and more. Violence abounds.
Before a character pulls out his or her claws, talons, or fangs, however, I do expect your character to have a reason. Wanton violence, even among Gaia’s children, is not acceptable.

Not every person is motivated by lust and love, but many are. Romance and sex will be a part of this game, as they are prevalent themes in both WoD and W:tA, and I will ask you to think about them from time to time. Relationships, especially romantic ones, are a part of the human, and shifter, condition. For some it is duty, possibly a means to an end, and for others it is merely for pleasure.
In W:tA there are many sexual taboos. Regardless of their IC hypocrisy or shaming, they are interesting stories that can be explored. If you have questions regarding these taboos, please ask.
In short, player consent is what governs sexual interactions. However, there are three instances when I ask that players contact Shifter staff, even if all players involved have consented: pregnancy, rape, and pedophila.
TinySex is one way to explore a character, a relationship, and engage in intriguing player-based storylines. However, as this is not a purely sex-focused game, I do expect players to engage in other stories that are not focused on sex. Staff NPCs will not role-play sex, though they may have sex off camera.

Like violence, few games in WoD are so closely tied to this theme as shifters are. Kindred can embrace at will; Demons are immortal; Mage numbers may be dwindling, but there are always humans waiting to be awakened, and Ascension is possible. Meanwhile, shifter offspring are decreasing in number - most shifters are dying breeds serving a suffering mother. They have been losing for centuries. Even if the Apocalypse and the servants of the Wyrm were not looming, most breeds would become extinct within a few generations. Sadly, most shifters are aware of this and cannot fathom a solution. All told, there seems to be little hope in survival. It is up to yu to prove this wrong.

I, personally, would add a fourth. Change
Emblematic of this present age, Things are changing as the grasp of the weaver and Wyrm grow ever tighter - it is the paradox that the Wyld is being directed, choices limited, and yet new things result - even though they are ever more horrific, there are things that are not. How will you adapt? Will you ride this wave of change and direct it, or will it wash over you and crush your dreams and purpose?
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