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Gaia’s children have been losing a war for 3,000 years. After the Week of Nightmares, most elders believe the Apocalypse is imminent. The spirit world is diminishing, and in its place has risen a dystopia dominated by an overzealous Weaver and a wrathful Wyrm, both intent on using Gaia as a battlefield for a final war. Imagine, none of Gaia’s children under 100 years old have seen a world that is not littered with the Weaver’s webs. Below are a list of themes that will apply to this chronicle.

The Waxing Cycle

To survive, it is important to garner allies, form relationships, and work together. Many of Gaia’s children are opposed to this notion due to inherent violence and cultural prejudice. Regardless, survival is on the line, and Gaia’s children need every piece of help they can gather. This doesn't mean share lore secrets, it does mean getting help outside other Shifters and Kinfolk has become almost necessary.

It is not only the strong who survive. It is those who try again, and again, and again against a world that has increasingly shown Gaia’s children are not wanted or needed. A sense of duty may take a shifter so far, but the truly tenacious will be the most successful.

As darkness closes in, there are rays of hope for the Garou and Fera of Pokoh's Peak. Hope is not a word that has been used by Gaia’s children in a very, very long time. It is a fragile thing, and must be nurtured very cautiously.

Even in the last of days, it is important that the Changing breeds hold to their purpose as set by Gaia, even as they adapt to a changing, increasingly unpleasant world.

The Waning Cycle

Many Tribes share a belief that Gaia meant for her children to stay where she put them. Since the expiration of the Colonial era, this belief is resurgent, though with newly fluid interpretations of Gaia's method of 'placing' her children. Septs are growing in diversity, where you think you are wanted/needed is taking precedence over historical allocation. Some elders and a few young can grow bitter at 'losing' land to sharing.

Time erodes certainty, and in the gaps left behind, doubts bloom. Garou are blessed with access to a Spiritual World that has always affirmed their purpose and righteousness except in the face of their most egregious failures. But can they be lead astray? Even Gaia, the Mother Herself, famously 'took back' her decree allowing predation of humans. If even She can be mistaken, what of the elders who are fallible by prejudice and stories. Even the spirits have been caught in lies? What is truth, and if you don't know truth, what of your duty?

Waiting is the hardest part. It's been over fifteen years since the last apocalyptic vision revealed that all the Garou who would fight in the final battle had already been born. The slowest-developing of those fated cubs, the homids, are now coming of age, yet the Apocalypse seems no nearer. Were the prophecies mistaken? Are the Questing Packs forestalling the inevitable? Or are the Wyrm's Lieutenants running out a clock that only they can see? What is taking so long? Or is it already here, unseen?

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