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Don't Panic ...

First thing to know. The shifting code isn't scary :D We've done out best to make it as simple as we can.

If you know our multidescer, you're half way there already.

I should note, this is written from the perspective of the Changing breeds, rather than Demons. Sorry demons.

Shifter Main Page

Step 1
+shift/setup race

This is something like

+shift/setup garou

Take a look at +help +shift

Step 2
Now, the basics are simple. You need to create a desc for each form, with the name of that form. So:

+gen/new homid=This is my homid desc, for how I look in homid. Probably want to mention your dedicated clothes in this. If you have any.

+gen/new lupus=This is me as a doggy :D Don't I look cute?

And so on.

This will take you a while, unfortunately. But needs to be done for each form.

Step 3
That's the basics.

You can set name changes , when you shift. Names can not be more than 16 characters long.

+gen/new homid/name=Bob

+gen/new crinos/name="Rolls in own poo"

+gen/new lupus/name="cute little doggy"

Or having some of your +info stuff change, when you do. You might want to do this, so it's not obvious who you are, when someone +info's the dog. if you do this, you /have/ to put in the info for homid as well, or it'll be overwritten.

+gen/new homid/streetwise/1=Level 1 streetwise for your mortal face.

+gen/new homid/streetwise/2=Level 2 streetwise for your mortal face

+gen/new homid/streetwise/3=Level 3 streetwise for your mortal face

+gen/new homid/streetwise/4=Level 4 streetwise for your mortal face

+gen/new homid/streetwise/5=Level 5 streetwise for your mortal face

Now, just to make things simple for people, the following, if pasted in, will fill out the levels for your lupus, crinos, and hispo to all be the same. Which is fine. You can be more creative with it if you like, but there is no requirement for it.

@dolist 1 2 3 4 5=+gen/new glabro/streetwise/##=Some weird cro magnon throwback looking sort. Haven't seen around before.

@dolist 1 2 3 4 5=+gen/new lupus/streetwise/##=Woof!

@dolist 1 2 3 4 5=+gen/new crinos/streetwise/##=GRAH! I'm big and scary

@dolist 1 2 3 4 5=+gen/new hispo/streetwise/##=GRAH! I'm a big and scary wolf!

More Options
If you'd like to use the complete system, then there are a couple more steps to do.

set the following +wears

+wear/new lupus=%b

+wear/new crinos=%b

+wear/new hispo=%b

+fx/new lupus=%b

+fx/new crinos=%b

+fx/new hispo=%b

Adjust the names as needed, of course. These will clear +wear and +fx for your animal forms, so you don't end up being a wolf, wearing someone's clothing.

Shifting Forms (( +shift ))
TOPIC: Shifting Forms


 +shift/setup <type>                  Sets shifter type ie: Garou, Simba, etc.
 +shift/stats                         To view attribute adjustments for forms.
 +shift <form>                        To shift to a specific <form>.
 &shift_msg_<form> me=<text>          For a message everyone gets when you
                                      shift to <form>.


 +shift glabro
 +shift/rage glabro

To set your individual form descs and +finger info, please refer to +help +wear create and set your +gen, +wear, & +fx (and subsequent wraith_descs) for each of your forms.

In all cases, <form> is the specific name for each available Shifter Type, ie: wolf is 'lupus' for Garou, bird is 'corvid' for Corax. The code hides you from the +who while in shifted form, but only for your current login period. If you reconnect, you can use @hide/on to rehide.

NOTE: All male Ananasi must select Ananasi-Male for their +shift/setup <type>. Metis Ratkin must select Ratkin-Metis.

Custom forms are available, but must be configured by staff. Demon high and low torment stats must be configured by staff.

Types available:

Ajaba Ananasi Ananasi-male Bagheera Balam Bubasti Ceilican Corax Custom Demon Garou Gurahl Khan Kitsune Kuei-jin Kumo Lutran Mokole Mustele Nuwisha Pumonca Qualmi Ratkin Ratkin-metis Rokea Simba Swara Vampire Velox Zhong-lung

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