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"Therefore whoever slayeth Caine, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold." - I:IV:XV

Biographical Data
Name: Silvia Sabadell
Birthdate: August 13th
Occupation: Barkeeper
Nationality: Spanish
Nature: Fanatic
Demeanor: Pedagogue

Quote: "She eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness." Proverbs 30:20
Themesong: Megadeth - She-Wolf

Silvia Sabadell, an attractive Spanish woman and owner of The Honeypot - an upmarket gay bar in town. She is always seen wearing floral dresses and a traditional veil, and partakes of the local nightlife with her ever present polite smile and sexy butler.

RP Hooks
  • She can usually be found in the bars of the area, making polite conversation and flirting.
  • Loves talking about faith whenever it won't get her thrown out.
  • Very willing to do shady business, as long as you can keep it under wraps.
  • Adalina: One of the first I met in this town, her pride will surely be her road to salvation.
  • Magdalena: A dark angel, and a powerful one at that. All of God's forces must rally against her.
  • Hideaki: He holds the chains of the Aeons, but their weight causes them to slip easily from his grasp. What glorious rapture he will feel once the burden is lifted.
  • Zora: We share blood, but not faith. I hope we will be allies in the nights to come.
  • Tye: He described himself as solid, yet I hear the cracks. I will be patient with this one.
  • Taylor: A ripe fruit waiting to burst. We are going to have such fun together.
  • Asher: The chains of the Aeons have suffocated her mind, but lately she seems to struggle once more. I look forward to learning the shape of her heart.
  • Calamity: She sees the holes in reality, a beautiful gift. Her initial rudeness will be forgiven.
  • Faithe: Tempting her is a joy, some day I hope to bring her into the fold.
  • Jolene: She rejected a beautiful moment, and thereby sinned. A failure of an artist.
  • Anton: A lost pup, I provided shelter from the storm. Keep close and I will reveal much, young one.
  • Jean-Jacques: He and his kin are always a delight. Rise high, shining star, and burn away the dark.
  • Darla: Such hate and resentment from one that espouses charity. I pray that God may forgive your sins.
  • Brianna: A delight, I eagerly await the day we can speak freely.
  • Chester: There is beauty in a life well lived, too.
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