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Skylar Everly

"Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of the mind rather than outward circumstances." - Benjamin Franklin

Biographical Data
Name: Skyler Everly
Birthdate: March 25th
Occupation: Music Tutor
Nationality: American
Nature: Traditionalist
Demeanor: Celebrant

Quote: Character's Favorite Saying
Themesong: Happy by Pharrell Williams

Skylar is a small town girl come to check out the bigger city. She comes in a tiny package, only 5 foot tall but boy is she a ball of energy and joy. This little ray of sunshine spends her days tutoring children in music or helping where she can in the community. She's got long, brown hair that reaches down to the small of her back that swishes and bounces with her animated movements. Her eyes are large and a beautiful crystal blue in color.

RP Hooks
  • Do you like music? Skylar is a music tutor
  • Are you feeling down? Skylar can be there to brighten your day!
  • Student? Skylar is a music major at the University.
  • Christy- What a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul! I have loved getting to know her!
  • Eamonn - This guy is just the BEST. He is so sweet and is giving me my first big break in music! What a great first meeting and his assistant Tomas is just so kind! Can't wait to get to know them more!
  • Eliza- This girl is so fantastic! I met her at this club and oh my gosh she was just as sweet as candy! I can see us really becoming good friends!
  • Emerito- Very night guy! He heard me play tonight and have plans to get my music out there! How sweet! I'm excited to work with him!
  • Emmanuel - Pie guy. He owns this pie shop that has the most delicious pies ever. He and his staff are just aces!
  • Fern- I don't know much about her yet but she is just so sweet! I'm super excited she is in town!
  • Henry- A REAL gumshoe! Oh my gosh he's so nice too! He's going to wear a fedora and I just can't wait to see it! What a gentleman!
  • Khoi He is just the BEST! I am so excited to have met him. He's such an amazing guy and has really deep conversations about music. You should hear him play guitar it's just breathtaking!
  • Kris- So handsome! And very kind! He's got such a wonderful heart and I look forward to getting to know him better.
  • Lyra- What a woman! I'm so happy to have met her and can't wait to get to know her more.
  • Maria- What a sweetie! Have you seen how talented she is with clothing too? A true artist!
  • Musaphir - This guy right here has been through the loop and he still stays strong! What an inspiration. It was such an honor meeting him and he was so kind!
  • Narayan- Just the biggest, kindest guy ever! He doesn't miss arm day at the gym and I think that's just awesome!
  • Nicolas - What a great guy! He was the first person I met when I came to town and I am so stoked I did. What a sweetie!
  • Taya- This lady right here is so much fun! She's got me real good with that prank and I just love it! Can't wait to spend more time with her!
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