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"“Rabbit underground, rabbit safe and sound.” " - Richard Adams, Watership Down

Biographical Data
Name: Soot Stain
Birthdate: Unknown
Job: Waitress
Nationality: American?
Nature: Bunny
Demeanor: Mortal Girl

Quote: “Rabbits need dignity and, above all, the will to accept their fate.”

― Richard Adams, Watership Down

Themesong: Rabbit's Song - S.J Tucker - [1]

Soot seems recently arrived into town. She works as a waitress at Pokoh's Cantina and Brewery. Previous to her current job, she was a maid in Alexander's household.

RP Hooks
  • Waitress - Come rp with me when working!
  • Animals, especially bunnies - Soot loves them!
  • Veggies - Loves carrots, lettuce and places there they grow!

  • Alexander - Broken and powerful.
  • Percival - Suger and life.
  • Nuru - Generous and wise.
  • Jolon - Large and innocent.
  • Evan - Thoughtful and controlled
  • Mircea - Danger and secret daggers
  • Winifred - Playful and strong
  • Cali - Lips with ugly words and eyes with jealous looks.
  • Selena - Interesting and cute
  • Kendra - Intelligent and injured
  • Jacob - Absent and polite.
  • Donovan - Chocolates for Nuru and wit for all else.
  • Westley - Lopsided grins and Noble looks.
  • Grace - Hated me at first sight for seemingly no reason.

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