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"Never say Sorry"

Biographical Data
Name: Stardust Rose Day
App Age: Late Teens
Nationality: Mixed
Nature: Aspirant
Demeanor: Outlaw
Quote: Now you see me

The woman here is tiny, shorter then average at 5 feet tall. She has long silvery hair, icy blond with smoky highlights. Thick smokelike curls frame her delicate round face. Shes somewhat chubby, her cheeks plump, her eyes wide almost dollish, with long painted lashes popping her brilliant green orbs. Her smile is charming, and she holds the faint scent of almond in the air around her.

Stardust has an unfortunate habit of bumping off the people around her. She is chaotic and outgoing, but can also be very selfish and a bit moody. Her clothing is mismatched of layers, and hodgepodge things all pieced together in a style one can peg as Romani.

  • Animal Rights - Oh no we wont go! Dont spray your shit into rabits eyes, just dont.
  • Animal Medicine - Stardust is taking vet classes.
  • Beast Affinity - She is surprisingly great with all sorts of animals, even those not so mundane.
  • Curiosity - She is very Curious about anything Occult.
  • Grady - Thanks for offering your land to be safe at
  • Robin - First friend.
  • Tully - I would like to get to know you more.
  • Eamonn - Shrouded in Mystery.
  • Donal - Still unsure about him, but he loves a good party!
  • Donovan - Soooooo Scary
  • Emmanual - Heartbreaks are the worst. - forever sorry.
  • Nicolas - I would love to help you
  • Taya- What have I gotten myself into?
  • Aliyah - I could learn much from you, if you were not so scary!