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"Suffer your cage and gild the bars...
We can't all be heroes."


Name: Vivistrix Q. Nebulosa
Apparent Age: 25
Occupation: Professional librarian and Occultist
Race: Kithain
Kith: Pooka
Legacy: Virtuoso/Riddler

Alignment: Lawful-Neutral
Inspiration: Knowledge - Athena's Legacy
Played By: Sophie Turner

Quote: "Someone who thinks the world is always cheating him is right. He is missing that wonderful feeling of trust in someone or something." - Eric Hoffer
Themesongs: Upside Down Frown - TMBG



Thin and spotted...
xxxxxVivistrix stands five foot six, her auburn hair falls over her shoulders and cascades to her lower back in lazy scooping waves. Brilliant copper highlights catch the faintest light in any room... somehow they always seem to shimmer. Healthy hair which is clean but often askew generally ends half up in a haphazard bun. This young woman is composed of comely features yet hides her unique eyes behind an impassive overlarge set of mirrored sunglasses. The darkened lenses reside in an elaborate brass frame inlaid with flowers and filligree. The reason for the glasses becomes apparent when one takes note of the always present red tipped cane. The parts of her face (and body) which are visible are virtually speckled with freckles.

xxxxxStrix often dresses in dated clothing that harkens to the 1980s. She dons high collar blouses and dashing blazers with prominent shoulder pads. A set of odd hemmed cut always are located stylistically down her back, below her shoulder blades, they peek at dark fabric below. Strix's bronze slacks are tight and compliment the similar colored piping on her sage green and cream blazer. It bears bronze buttons set with tiny filigree owls. The same cream which accents the blazer matches the lighter parts on her dark green flats. The shoes are a tie dye explosion of all the aforementioned colors with the primary shade being a deep sage green.


All charphotos are a close approximation. Please take note of variations in the description.

All remarks below are considered OOC knowledge.

Nuru - Wise. Best to watch the wise very closely as they tend to have the most to teach.
Jolon - Kind. Friendly. Useful. I would hate to have to double cross him- except it seems like it might be very easy. Trusting? Is that the word.
Percival - Clever, yet, lost in the trappings of honor. You serve a hollow cause, Friend.
Soot - "Power beyond understanding, 'strength' beyond evidence and beauty without rival. Rabbits always were too /sweet./"
Diamond - Strange name for one who seems so fragile. Perhaps that is the wonder of the choice?
Flip - *blank stare*
Selena - Pretty kitty. Ya know, my uncle always says, "Never trust felines and reptiles..."
Alexander - The story of the Witch and the Womanizer is one fairytale I never thought I'd be privy to; who says there is no magic left in 2015?
Maeve - You would think there'd be more order in her Kingdom. Debauchery abounds in the wake of this intoxicating specimen.

Things of Note...

● Chilcott Alum: Graduated with a bachelor degree in Library Sciences in 2017.
● Brown Alum: Recently completed a masters program at Brown University in Rhode Island.
● Local: Strix was raised in Pokoh's Peak and her father works at Chilcott as the astrophysics professor.
● Blind: She wears dark glasses as a general rule and uses a red tipped cane to get around.
● Ute: Her step mother is Ute and Strix speaks the language fluently even if her family isn't seen on the reservation very much. Strix /has/ been there with her mother. If you think this is a potential hook please page or mail!
● Personality: Shy, perhaps? She seems slightly stand offish at first but often proves a curious conversation partner despite her demeanor.
● More to follow soon!