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Sylvia Atwell
"“Lost in the pages is where I prefer to be. Books are better than people. More loyal, less backtalk."


Miss Atwell works for a private accounting firm. She is married to her job and all of its drudgery.
Erin Well we seem to have a couple things in common, most notably a love of old cultures and books.

Coming soon.
Themes: I like dark themes. It doesn't matter if I´m playing a good girl or an evil witch. Its a World of Darkness and the darkness is why I´m here. I often run into people who get angry at me because I do bad things to their characters. I generally play evil characters and....that's what evil characters do. If you can´t differentiate between IC and OOC, I'm probably not the person who you will enjoy playing with. Yes I will hurt you.

Sex and Romance: This is of course part of any good story, but it is a part, not the whole. If you wish to just while away the hours in TS with me I will probably get bored. Yes I like it. No I don't like it 24/7. I want a good story. Quality is important. I have a happy relationship IRL and I'm not looking to start a RL anything here.

First Responder: On a typical work day, not much is going on. However, when it does, I am expected to respond immediately. Sometimes I may not be able to tell you because of the urgency of what I'm responding too. I will tell you beforehand if I am at work so that you are prepared for this possibility or the fact that I may be slow. Please have the same courtesy for me.

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Name Sylvia Atwell
Occupation Accountant
Theme Song Angels and Demons -Melissa Otero- [1]
Demeanor Traditionalist
Height 5´4"
Weight 126
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Apparent Age 24