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What can I make, Huh? Huh? Huh?

As of now. At base:

  • 1. You can - with confidence - craft any Talen or Fetish that has been published in Revised or 20th edition (Pursuant to rule 2), that has a rating less than your spirit-lore. Thus, someone with spirit-lore 4 can confidently make Talens of levels 1-3.
  • 2. Talens or Fetishes that are outside your confident understanding, foreign to you, or of your own design, require research and guesswork, and may not result in what you were aiming for. Yes, this means that level 5 Fetishes and Talens are always done by the experimental method. Said research rolls will take time - I'm thinking one month per roll - and will have minimum required successes based on what you're trying to make.
  • 3. This all assumes you have at least <breed>-lore 1 (for T&F from the core books, or the 'general' class for Hammer and klaive), <Breed>-lore 2 (For those restricted by breed or auspice).
  • 4. Loon reserves the right to say 'NO.', even if you meet the above conditions, if I feel it impacts game balance in a negative fashion, or I'm just not wanting one in play right now.

What are the Consequences of making something Shiny?

Well, something to consider is that owning a Fetish is a privilege, not a right. The second thing to consider is that The more prestigious the item, the more your elders will covet it, and feel it should rightfully be theirs - and to a degree, society will agree with them. When you couple the second point with the first point, then life can get interesting.

Secondly, of note: When you create talen, You're enlisting the aid of a spirit for a short time. For a Fetish, You're enlisting his servitude for eternity, as far as his peers know.
That last phrase is the key point - If you make lots of Fetishes quickly, or are walking around with a bunch, it could potentially lead to suspicion and hostility from spirits, who wonder just quite how willing their brethren were to serve you. This very much applies to excess, and your need for such things. If you are just making it for vanity? This will have an effect on your life.

Enough with the warnings. How many can I have, already?

  • You can carry a number of talens equal to your Gnosis score.
  • You may carry no more Fetishes than half your Gnosis score. (Rounding up)

Right! So what do I need to be a master of all! Screw your warnings....

Well, You'll need:

  • An item to bind the fetish into. Very few spirits (Mostly those that deal with Glass walkers) Will consent to being bound into anything that wasn't especially prepared for them, by someone's hands: And even then, it must be high quality (5+ successes) and altered in some way to accommodate them. It can generally be assumed that a vessel for a talen can be a lot less impressive than a vessel for a Fetish - but 'impressive' is from the spirit's perspective, not yours. Craftsmanship is universal.
  • The Rite of Cleansing.
  • (Optional, But HIGHLY recommended) The Rite of Summoning.
  • Either the Rite of Binding (For Talens) or the Rite of the Fetish (For Fetishes)

I have those. Let's do this!


  • First, acquire your vessels.
  • Then, Cleanse them with the rite of Cleansing.
  • Then the rite of summoning - if you're being polite. If you're not being polite, you can try and find them in the wild, as it were.
  • At this point, you will either be negotiating and offering chiminage, or using Brute Force.
    • Case 1: Negotiation

Exactly what it sounds like! You offer chiminage, and offer payment for service.

    • Case 2: Violence

Again, what it sounds like: You use your superior combat ability to force them into service.


At this point, with either a helpless spirit before you or one whom has acquiesced to your bargain, you may use the Rite of binding to create a talen.
This requires a Willpower roll at a difficulty of the spirit's Gnosis. (You cannot spend willpower on a willpower roll). This also requires the expenditure of a minimum of 1 temporary Gnosis - more may be spent: Every Gnosis spent (Including the first one) reduces your TN by one.

  • You need at least 1 success to make a talen. For every successes over that, you can potentially make an additional talen, Dependent on the power of the spirit you are binding:
    • Gaffling: at most 2 talens.
    • Jaggling: At most 4 talens.
    • Totem Avatars: at most 8 talens.
    • Incarna Avatars: at most 16 talens.

If you fail the roll, The spirit will depart, and You'll need to wait a week until you can try again.
If you Botch the roll, then your attempt to place the spirit within the vessel fails, destroying the vessels, and potentially offending the spirit.


At this point, with either a helpless spirit before you or one whom has acquiesced to your bargain, you may use the Rite of binding to create a Fetish.
This is a Wits+Rituals roll at Difficulty 10. Only one success is required, and Willpower may not be used to purchase a success - only stave off a botch. Permanent Gnosis, however, can be spent: every point of permanent Gnosis expended reduces the difficulty by 2.

If you fail the roll, The spirit will depart, insulted, and mark the vessel such that no spirit will enter it for at least one full year.
If you Botch, then you fail to balance the energies correctly, the Vessel is destroyed, and bad things may happen. (I invite you to consider the side-effects of a silver sword exploding).
On the other hand, if you succeed, You have Accomplished a deed worthy of respect and renown.

Universal modifiers

Note, please, that I'm going to borrow the concept of 'thresholds': Meaning if the target number goes above 10, then the target number becomes 10, and you require additional successes equal to the increase. so, for example, rite of the fetish with an effective tn of 12, would be a difficulty 10 roll that needs at least 3 successes: Threshold will be applied after modifiers.

  • New Talen or Fetish, or one you are attempting without certainty: +1
  • You found the spirit, instead of using the Rite of Summoning: +1
  • Trying to do this outside the umbra: +1
  • Gift: Call of Duty used: -1
  • Gift: Fire in the Belly used to create the vessel, and binding spirits of war or rage: -1
  • Agreeing upon a Taboo, restrictions upon use: -1
  • Chiminage and roleplay - Variable: -1 to -2.

This does mean, Absolute best case, an experienced Fianna Smith trying to make a klaive - and agreeing to only let the klaive be held in Fianna hands, and that it never be drawn without shedding blood, with an exquisitely made silver sword crafted with Fire in the Belly, Calling upon a War spirit to do it's duty in these final days, and having spent most of the day in bargaining and offering chiminage, can roll at a difficulty in the 5-6 region. But that's the absolute best case - and even he must fear a slip of concentration, or of the tongue.

Okay.. So how do i get the ball rolling?

Well, I would want you to submit an +srequest, Detailing the following:

  • Source? Or is it an original design?
  • What vessel(s) are you using? A description would be nice. Where did you get them?

and if it's a published Talen of Fetish, we can stop there. Otherwise, I also need:

  • Intended effect? - note that, as mentioned above, in this case, what you ask for is not always what you get.

But.. Let's not...

You can always go questing to find one that has been lost, or steal one. AS A FINAL NOTE: These rules can be considered 'Beta-testing'. I'm pretty confident they will have the effect i want, but there might be a few tweaks as I see the edge cases in use.