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I do not know if ever it existed—
That lost world floating dimly on Time’s stream—
And yet I see it often, violet-misted,
And shimmering at the back of some vague dream.
There were strange towers and curious lapping rivers,
Labyrinths of wonder, and low vaults of light,
And bough-crossed skies of flame, like that which quivers
Wistfully just before a winter’s night.

Great moors led off to sedgy shores unpeopled,
Where vast birds wheeled, while on a windswept hill
There was a village, ancient and white-steepled,
With evening chimes for which I listen still.
I do not know what land it is—or dare
Ask when or why I was, or will be, there."


Name: Tabitha Aurelia Blackwood
Date of Birth: Never ask a lady her age.
Apparent Age: 20's
Nationality American
Occupation: Talent Agent
Nature: Architect
Demeanor: Artist
Theme Song: Calling All (Hearts of Stone) - Amy Allen

What You Might Know

  • Stardust Agency: Tabitha Blackwood is the founder and CEO of the Stardust Agency, an influential Talent Agency which services the Arts & Entertainment Industry. While better known in New York City, it has recently opened a branch office in Pokah's Peak. Speculation is that it is to take advantage of the greater Denver area's exploding art scene. Colorado itself has been trying to attract the big Studios and more filming as well. Stardust must know something we don't.
  • Artist: The Blackwood story is an interesting one. It is said that she founded her agency to help promote herself and other struggling artists. In addition to running her company, Tabitha Blackwood is also a successful painter who specializes in watercolor. Her works appear in several galleries.
  • Musician: Those in the know, also are aware that Blackwood is an accomplished musician, a harpist, who plays under the stage name "Aurelia." She has received positive critical reviews of her performances.
  • Wealth: The potent combination of her company, art exhibitions, and perhaps even the sideline as a musician has made Blackwood an extremely wealthy woman.


1. That woman and her agency are serious players; I hear she has represented movie stars, painters, singers, the works.

2. So the Stardust Agency is opening a branch here in Pokah? I know we have an art scene, but Denver makes more sense.

3. Could her relocating here have anything to do with the Foundry, that place remodeled into an artist's retreat?

4. I hear she is a real trendsetter, likes wearing the latest fashions and mixing in outrageous striking elements.

5. I hear she is a two-faced bitch.