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Acquiring A Talen

This page covers the three methods for acquiring a talen. Please review the notes below. The fastest and easiest method is Creating a Talen, and it is by far the most common.

Important Notes

Before continuing with the creation process of any talen, read these notes first. First, a talen may only be made by one person; the spirit will deal only with one person during the entire process. This means that whoever is making the talen must have: Rite of Cleansing, Summoning (in most instances), and Binding. Also, you will need the appropriate lores to know it exists - please review these in the Names section. Before you begin, ensure you have all of these rituals and lores. If you do not, the request will be denied.

Second, there is a form below. You must submit the form in a request exactly as it appears, with your answers attached. Should you have questions, at the bottom of this page is a complete example of the entire process.

Third, beneath the form below is a breakdown of every step of the process. PLEASE READ THESE CAREFULLY. The process is designed to be as streamlined as possible for your convenience, and you can do many rolls without staff intervention. Similarly, some phases will require staff approval.

Directly below these instructions is a streamlined version of the process that will help you get through it as quickly as possible. I strongly encourage you to read through the whole form, especially if you have questions, so that you can learn every opportunity available to you.

Near the bottom of the page is an explanation of what occurs if you fail a roll. If you fail a roll, please review that section carefully.

There is a quick-guide reference chart that will help you keep everything in order. This is a long process with multiple pieces, so please use the chart.

You may burn Willpower for an automatic success on any of the rolls below.

Lastly, there is a staff chart that will detail each process for ease of use. It is at the bottom of the page.

Creating a Talen

The Form

Please insert the following form into a +request Talen (name of object):

  • Name of Talen: Book, Page Number
  • Gnosis and Intended Spirit: Type, Level:
  • Intended Recipient:
  • Intended Visual:
  • Intended Effect:
  • Chiminage:
  • Finding or Building the Vessel:
  • Cleansing:
  • Preparation for Rite of Summoning:
  • Summoning:
  • Burn a Gnosis:
  • Additional Modifiers:
  • Number of Talens:
  • The Final Roll:

Streamlined Process

This is meant to be a quick and dirty guide, using just the form above.

Fill out the form, leaving the Cleansing and Burn a Gnosis fields blank. Use common sense, but if you have questions refer to the sections below.

For ease, all difficulties are set to 1. I will count your successes manually, tell you your difficulties so that you can count them as well, and tell you how many you achieved.

Afterwards, do the following:

If Building the Vessel: +myjob/roll ###=dex + crafts vs 6, or dex + technology vs 6

Cleansing: +myjob/burn ###=gnosis +myjob/roll ###=charisma + rituals vs 7

Summoning: +myjob/roll ###=gnosis vs 1 +myjob/roll ###=wits + rituals vs 1 OR gnosis vs 1

Burn a Gnosis: Only one more is required, but you may burn more to lower difficulties. +myjob/burn ###=gnosis

Final Roll: Willpower vs 1


If your talen is from one of the books, please include the title and page number of the book. However, to craft a talen, you must first know that it exists.

If the talen is labeled under General in Hammer and Klaive, or any other book, or if it appears in W:tA, Corebook Revised, it is free game for any shifter in the sphere who possesses Garou-Lore or (Breed)-Lore of 1 or higher.

If the talen appears in a Tribebook, or is labeled for a specific tribe in one of the books, you must have the respective Tribe-lore of 1 or higher, or Garou-lore 3, to know it exists. If the talen appears in a Fera breed book, or is labeled for a specific breed in one of the books, you must have the appropriate Breed-Lore at 2

If the talen is listed under Garou breeds: homid, metis, and lupus, you must have Garou-lore 2 to know it exists.

If the talen is made for a specific auspice, you must have Garou-lore 2 to know it exists. Similarly, if it is made for a Fera equivalent, like aspects for Ratkin, you must have the appropriate breed's lore at 2.

If you are creating your talen through experimentation, as in it does not appear in any of the books or you do not have the appropriate lore, you must have Spirit-Lore 4 or higher to know which objects can be paired to which spirits. Your Rite of Binding difficulty will also increase by one point, to a max of difficulty 10.

Gnosis and Intended Spirit: Type, Level, Book and Page Number

In this section, please format the information like this: Gnosis - ##; Spirit - Type, Level, Book, page number.

The Gnosis level determines the difficulty of using your talen, and it corresponds to the Gnosis level of the spirit bound to the talen.

Spirit type refers to the race of spirit. These include animal spirits, elementals, concepts, and so forth. Level refers to whether it is Jaggling, Gaffling, or Incarna Avatars. Incarna, and Celestines, including Celestine Avatars, will refuse to be bound into a talen, and the request will be automatically denied. Book and page number refer to the book the spirit appears in; please also include the page number.

If the spirit you are summoning appears in the books, but your talen does not, please indicate the book and page number your spirit appears in.

If the spirit is not in the books, you may submit a suggested Gnosis level. For examples, please refer to page 302 of W:tA Corebook, Revised, and page 73 of Hammer and Klaive.

Intended Recipient

Who is going to own the talen? It's easier to add them to their +equip right off the bat.

Intended Visual

Write a description for the talen. For inspiration, refer to your Breedbook or Tribebook, and Hammer and Klaive. Also, refer to the Finding or Building the Vessel section.

Intended Effect

A talen is a single-use magical object that, once activated, performs a specific effect. Please tell me what you intend your talen to do. Remember, it is only a single effect. For inspiration, refer to W:tA, page 301 - 303, your Tribebook or Breedbook, where pages vary, or Hammer and Klaive, beginning on page 73.


What are you offering the spirit in exchange for entering the talen? This will require research and common sense on your part. A bag of bones won't entice a hare spirit, but it might intrigue a spirit associated with fate.

Rolls: If you are unsure what your intended spirit might accept, you may, after submitting the form: +myjob/add ##=Requesting information on Intended Spirit ;

+myjob/roll ##=intelligence + spirit-lore vs 6 .

Staff will provide you with information on your suggested spirit. For more information on spirits, refer to W:tA, Corebook, Revised, page 234.

Finding or Building the Vessel

Finding or building an appropriate vessel is a key component to the entire process, so do not take it lightly. If a vessel does not suit the spirit's needs, they will refuse to enter the talen and leave the area immediately. Remember, spirits prefer their homes to be quality residences, usually with a rich history, and appropriately adorned to their needs. When considering vessels, keep the type of spirit in mind, the lore surrounding Pokoh's Peak, and factor in your Tribe and Breed.

You will state what the vessel is in Intended Visual, but if there is any additional information, please include it in this section. Also, tell me whether you are finding or building the vessel.

Rolls: Finding a vessel, if you do not have one already, will require an intelligence + investigation vs 5, or intelligence + computer vs 5 roll, which you may do after the form has been submitted.

You will need two successes. You will be limited to what you can purchase by your Resources Background - many antiques are expensive. You may also attempt to steal, trade, or find a vessel in a hidden location. Stealing, trading, or finding a vessel may require an additional scene.

Building a vessel requires that you, or someone else, craft the vessel. The minimum number of successes required for a spirit to be willing to enter a crafted object is 4. These rolls MUST BE WITNESSED by staff. If the vessel requires computer hardware or software to function, then it is made with the technology roll. If not, then it is the crafts roll.

Rolls: Fetishes may be crafted with the following rolls: dexterity + crafts vs 6 OR intelligence + technology vs 6, depending on the type of vessel. You may roll up to three times, and your successes will be added together.


You must cleanse both the vessel and yourself. Another character cannot do this for you - it must be you. For ease, it is assumed you are doing both moments before summoning the spirit.

Rolls: After submitting the form, you may: +myjob/burn ##=gnosis 1 ; +myjob/roll ##=charisma + rituals vs 6

Preparation for Rite of Summoning

Talen creation often requires Rite of Summoning, which spirits consider proper etiquette. However, if the spirit is common to Pokoh's Peak, or wherever you presently are, you may attempt to hunt the spirit down if the spirit in question is a Gaffling. However, because you did not use proper etiquette, your Rite of Binding will be at +1 difficulty, to a maximum of 10. If the spirit is a Jaggling or Incarna, your attempt to make the talen will fail without Rite of Summoning.

Finding a specific spirit will require a scene. Expect to use Spirit-lore to discover possible locations, various forms, and Primal-Urge for the hunting rolls.

Spirits common to Pokoh's Peak include, but are not limited to: Earth Elementals, Air Elementals, hares, deer, black bears, an assortment of tree spirits, squirrels, coyotes, lunes, ducks, geese, love, honor, and so forth.

If you are summoning, tell me where, specifically, you will be performing the Rite of Summoning. Your location affects the Gauntlet level, and you must be in the Penumbra to perform the rite, so keep this in mind. I will tell you the difficulty for crossing the Gauntlet after you submit the form.

Tell me how long you will spend on the ritual. The number of hours reduces the difficulty of Rite of Summoning by one per hour. Unfortunately, you must also wait for me to provide you with your difficulty for the rite.


Please write a pose wherein your character appeals to the spirit to enter the vessel. This pose should include: a welcome, an appeal, chiminage, and additional comments.

The welcome is entirely up to you. Your name, Tribe, Breed, Rank, and so on should probably be included. If you are unsure how to deal with spirits, please find out ICly.

Your appeal is a statement of why you want, or need, the talen. These reasons are varied. Your appeal can also include a roll - see Appeals below in the Additional Modifiers section. Again, it is really up to you.

Your chiminage is what you listed above. If you do not offer chiminage in your pose, then the spirit will either leave immediately or attack you. Remember, spirits can be easily insulted.

Additional comments can include anything else you wish to add. For instance, a list of deeds to encourage trust, a story, a desperate plea for help, and so on.

Burn A Gnosis

Rite of Binding requires that at least one Gnosis is burned. Just: +myjob/burn ##=gnosis 1

Additional Modifiers

Other modifiers that you may include are Call to Duty, appeals, and temporary Gnosis.

Call to Duty is a Rank 2 Philodox Gift. Only you may use it, if you have it; no one can use it for you. If successful, it will reduce the difficulty of Rite of Binding by 1.

Appeals are rolls that encourage a spirit to be persuaded to your cause. An appeal must appear in your pose in the Summoning section. There are three: charisma + expression ; charisma + performance ; charisma + leadership. The difficulty is the spirit's Willpower. To succeed, you must score 2 successes. Please tell me if you want to do an appeal.

You can sacrifice as many temporary points of Gnosis as you have on your sheet to reduce the difficulty, equal to the spirit's Gnosis, of Rite of Binding by one per point. Simply state that you wish to do this, and then do it.

Number of Talens

The books state that additional talens are awwarded through two means. The first is additional successes during the Rite of Binding, and the second is based off of the bound spirit's level.

For every two successes you achieve on the Rite of Binding, you will acquire one additional talen.

For Gaffling spirits, you will automatically receive no additional talens.

For Jaggling spirits, you will automatically receive two extra talens.

For Incarna Avatars, you will automatically receive four extra talens.

The Final Roll

You do not have to put any information in this section. It is for staff only. Unfortunately, you must wait for Staff to give you the difficulty for your roll. For your reference, it is Willpower vs Spirit's Adjusted Gnosis.

Congratulations! It's over.

Quick Reference Guide

Can You Create The Talen

Firstly, can you make the talen? You must have: Rite of Cleansing, Summoning, and Binding. If you are pulling the talen from a book, you must have the appropriate lores to know it exists. See the Names section above. If you are making via experimentation, you must have Spirit-Lore 4.


Make sure your chiminage is appropriate! If you are not certain, ask for a spirit-lore roll.

Acquiring the Vessel

Are you stealing, buying, finding, or trading for the vessel? Do you already have one? Make sure you state which one you're doing! You need two successes to find it, if you are researching.

If you are crafting the vessel yourself, make sure you have either Crafting or Technology. If someone is crafting it for you, please ask for them to be added to the job. Unless it is an NPC - if it is, please tell me. You need 4 successes for the spirit to be willing to enter the vessel.

Modifiers Table

  • Talen not in books, or don't know about it: +1
  • Rite of Summoning Not Used: +1
  • Call of Duty: -1
  • Appeals: -1
  • Temporary Gnosis: -1

Woops! You Failed

This section covers what happens if you fail an individual roll. Botches are up to Storyteller discretion, but, obviously, they aren't good.

Chiminage: On the spirit information roll, you may roll again after one RL week has passed. Please do this automatically - you do not need my permission.

Finding a vessel: Like chiminage, you may roll again after one week. You need two successes on either an int + investigation vs 5 or int + computer vs 5 roll to find a suitable vessel.

Building a vessel: You may begin the process again immediately if you are not satisfied with your results. You need 4 successes, and you may roll three times, on either three dex + crafts vs 6 or int + technology vs 6 roll for the spirit to be willing to enter the vessel. To be clear, it is either-or. You may only roll int + crafts three times, or int + technology three times, not both.

Cleansing: If you fail your roll, you may attempt the ritual again immediately.

Summoning: If you fail your roll, you must wait one RL day before attempting the ritual again. You do not need my permission to roll again.

Call to Duty and Appeals: These may not be re-rolled.

Rite of Binding: This is the big one. If you fail this roll, you blow it. Most of your process will start again.


In game, type: +request Talen Vision Pool=

  • Name: Vision Pool, Hammer and Klaive, 74.

I have Garou-Lore 1, which gives me access to all talens marked General, which this one is.

  • Gnosis - 6; Spirit - Owl, Gaffling, Hammer and Klaive, 74
  • Intended Recipient: Me, Billy.
  • Intended Visual: A lump of white powder kept in a leather bag.
  • Intended Effect: The powder reveals a vision of the immediate to near future. For the full writeup, see the book. :)
  • Chiminage: Billy will tell the owl spirit a series of koans that he learned while traveling in China. The spirit is from the American Rockies, so it is unlikely that he has heard any of them. The hope is to pique and satisfy his curiosity through giving the owl something to contemplate.
  • Finding or Building the Vessel: Billy will hike out into the woods and find the peyote himself. He will also burn and collect it himself.
  • Cleansing: I have Rite of Cleansing. Charisma + Rituals vs 6 for 5 successes.
  • Preparation for Rite of Summoning: Billy will perform the ritual on the bawn, near the river. Billy will spend one hour on his ritual.

In this instance, the difficulty to cross the Gauntlet is 3. Gnosis vs 3 results in 4 successes.

To summon a gaffling spirit, the roll is Charisma + rituals vs 4. However, Billy has stated that he is taking one hour, which lowers his difficulty by one. Charisma + rituals vs 3 for 5 successes. The spirit arrives immediately and is friendly.

Summoning: "Wise son of Owl, I, Bloody Stone, Athro of the Uktena, Sept Alpha of the Mistwalkers, seek a vision of what is to be. These times are uncertain, and I must have wise council, but also guidance. In our need, I seek logic, thought, and understanding through contemplation. Allow me to use your wisdom to receive a vision of what will be." Billy pauses. "In exchange, I have brought with me wise words from the east. They call them koans, and I am certain you will find them intriguing."

Additional Modifiers: Appeal: Billy is using expression to try and convince the owl with logic. Call to Duty: Billy has this Gift and will use it.

The appeal is: charisma + leadership vs 6. Billy scores 2 successes. He succeeds.

Call to Duty is charisma + leadership vs 8. Billy scores 2 successes.

The Final Roll: The roll is willpower vs 6, normally. However, Billy has several modifiers:

Call to Duty: -1. Appeals: -1. So: 6 - 1 - 1 = 4.

Willpower vs 4; Billy burns a Willpower point, and Billy scores 7 successes.

He gains one talen from Rite of Binding, and one talen per two successes, so 3 additional talens. Because the spirit was Gaffling, he acquires no additional talens from its level.

He acquires 4 Vision Pool talens total.

The Beat Down

Simply put, the beat down is where you force a spirit into a vessel. This method isn't common with Gaian spirits, as it is dishonorable, but, when necessary, it is used on banes or in times of urgent need. The form for this method is similar to the one above.

If you select Beat Down, only temporary Gnosis may modify the difficulty of Rite of Binding.

The combat field should be left blank. It will require a scene where your character combats the spirit. The spirit's Essence must be reduced to 0 before the Rite of Binding can be performed.

Unless otherwise specified, please fill out the fields below as you would above.

Please insert the following form into a +request Fetish (name of object):

  • Name of Talen: Book, Page Number
  • Gnosis and Intended Spirit: Type, Level:
  • Intended Recipient:
  • Intended Visual:
  • Intended Effect:
  • Finding or Building the Vessel:
  • Cleansing:
  • Summoning:
  • Combat:
  • Burn a Gnosis:
  • Additional Modifiers:
  • Number of Talens:
  • The Final Roll:

Finding or Building the Vessel

When forcing a spirit into a vessel, you do not need to worry about the vessel in question's quality. The spirit will have no choice. Therefore, it can be any that matches the descriptions from the books, or makes logical sense, more or less. If you have something specific in mind that you want crafted, or if you wish to find a rare object, then the process is the same as above.


It is not necessary to use Rite of Summoning for Beat Down. However, there is a catch: the spirit in question must inhabit the area you are hunting or searching. A Spirit of War doesn't just hang around Pokoh's Peak. There are no wars in Pokoh's Peak. Similarly, there aren't any dragon, chameleon, or panda spirits, either. That said, if you are attempting to hunt the spirit down, please tell me.

This field should include any preparations you have made to attack the spirit. Ambush, traps, extra weapons, or people who will help you.


Leave this field blank.

The Final Roll

Rolls: Because the spirit cannot resist, your ritual will begin with a -1 difficulty. However, you must wait for staff to supply your difficulty.

NPC Talen Creation

Both Fera and Garou have access to NPCs who can make most talens. You may ask these NPCs, in a scene, if they will make a talen for you. You may not submit a job asking that they be made; if you do this, the job will be denied. After your request, you may make a Charisma or Manipulation-based roll to try to convince the NPC. These rolls are required and tailored to the content of your pose.

You may also attempt to steal a talen, or acquire one through bartering with an NPC. These methods will require a scene. If you wish to steal or barter for an already existing talen, please submit a scene request.

How Many Can I Carry?

You may carry a number of Talens equal to your Gnosis score.

Therefore, if you have Gnosis 1, then you may carry one Talen. If you have Gnosis 8, then you may carry eight Talens.

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