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The tasks system is a copy of the code that we (the Wizzen) use to manage all the jobs you wonderful people throw at us. Some things are simple to manage, and don't benefit from using this kind of system. Other tasks, where you have 4 or more people handling something, who need an easy way to categorise and store information, will benefit.

The Very Basics

Type +icfolders

This will give you a list of the folders that you have access to, to put your tasks in.

================================| Bucket List |================================
NAME    Description                                                     Viewing

FOLD  somewhere to put stuff                                             Yes

Viewing Tasks

type +tasks

This will give you a list of the tasks you have access to.

There's a number at the start of all of them. to view that task, type +task number so, to view task 34, you would type +task 34

Creating a new Task

type +task/create foldername/title of the job=details of the job.

So, if you had access to the folder PICKLE, wanted a job called 'Pickle eaters', you would type

+task/create PICKLE/Pickle eaters=Eating pickles is such a cool thing to do.%r%rAll the cool kids are doing it.

Adding comments to a Task

type +task/add number=your funky new comment.

So, to add a comment to task 34, you would type +task/add 34=First post!

Completing a Task

This states that you have finished your task and the task is removed from the board.

type +task/complete number=final comment

So if Task 34 has finally been resolved, you would type +task/complete 34=Eating pickles is no longer cool, so we can get rid of this.