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Biographical Data
Uploads seem broken so have this

(But younger and less pretty.)

Name: Tommy Albertson
Birthdate: September 1, 1996
Occupation: Computer Security Consultant
Nationality: American (Caucasian)

Theme Song:
Pale white moon,
shine down on Colorado;
Hide my dirty secrets
down here in the shadows,
Where the quaking aspens
tremble in the snow;
Haul me up the hillside,
hold me high and let me go.
Let me fall right through my own roof
like a meteorite;
Let the world and all its wonders
leave me to my toys tonight
And my ninety-six inch
television screen;
Let me die, let me die
surrounded by machines.

Tommy is new to town. He seemed on edge when he first showed up, but he's approachable enough lately. It's kind of hard to miss him - he's the dark, brooding sort who lurks around the Wolf's Mantle Tavern or the Trade Winds Cafe at odd hours, usually with coffee in hand, especially if it's late. (Alright, maybe that's not unambiguous when talking about the locals, but it's enough to take a guess.)

RP Hooks
  • Designed in California: Silicon Valley import. What's he doing out here in the boonies?
  • Hacker: You need your wifi set up? I don't even need coffee for that one. Need a number traced? One coffee, maybe two. Advanced AI firewall? We'll negotiate rates.
  • Security: Aside from digital security, Tommy's put out an ad for locksmithing services. Breaking into a new business?
  • Wyck: One of the first in town to sit down and have, um, a normal conversation with me. Plus some kind of creepy magical realtor, but he seems cool.
  • Lacey: We help each other out. It's just what we do. She might be a little off her rocker sometimes, but who isn't?
  • Molly: Has good taste in music.
  • ... and others to be listed later.