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About Us

A quaint cafe with the flair of the Dutch East Indies. Hard wood floors run throughout; old and worn, but polished and well tended. The walls have been painted in earthtones of umber and ocher, complimenting the warm wood underfoot. Overhead, a mariner's compass can be seen against a backdrop of brilliant blue. The wall nearest the stairs has been decoupaged with an antique map displaying the old trade routes in red bird tracks. Tropical plants in clay pots provide splashes of green throughout the cafe. A display behind glass at the back shows off the desserts and pastries the cafe offers. Above the serving counter, written in chalk, is a menu displaying the current food and drink specials of the day.

To the right of the pastry display is the reading area, where five bookcases have been evenly spaced along the wall. Colorful pillows and low, round, carved tables rest in the spaces between each case. Antique lamps hang over each table. The shelves are filled with books ranging from philosophy to travel, from art to writing; all there to engage the imagination, catalyze new thoughts, new ideas and new perspectives. A bell over the entrance door chimes when it is opened.

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Open 24/7


Located in downtown Pokoh's Peak at Elm and Eaton, Trade Winds is a quaint cafe and book nook in the historic district. Those that have been around the area for a while, might remember the place once being called the Serial Cafe, the establishment has undergone remodeling and is quickly becoming a local favorite.


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