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Tully Lane

Tully was a resident of Pokoh's Peak every summer until she was ten years old. She'd come in to town and stay with her grandmother in a little cottage in the woods, and when it was time for school to start up again she'd head back to Springfield, even though she hated having to leave. Now she's back in town after being gone for twelve years, and she might be a familiar face to any who were her age while she stayed during those past summers.

Back in town for good, Tully has joined the Spring Foundation to help children and families in need. When she's not working she may be found around the Cantina, any bookstore or nursery, or may be found where ever there is adventure to be had!

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RP Hooks
  • Psychology: Tully received her BA in Psychology and has been working for the department of social services to help young children.
  • ASL: She minored in ASL and often helps with cases where the children are hearing impaired.
  • New-ish in Town: Tully spent every summer of her childhood here until she was ten. Maybe you're an old friend from her past.
  • Plants: Whether they're inside or out in the garden, Tully enjoys being surrounded by them. She has quite the green thumb.
  • Books: She loves a good book and is often spending free time curled up with a story.
  • Stories: Tully enjoys telling stories, mostly to children.
  • Cottage: Her home is a little stone cottage out in the woods, a bit secluded from neighbors.
  • Places: Tully can be found in a variety of places: Sweet shops, bakeries, parks, occult stores, book stores, the hookah lounge, Mary Jane's and the cantina. Want a scene? Let me know!
  • Puppetry: Singing songs and telling stories while using puppets and marionettes.
  • Trinkets: Tully is always picking up some little trinket. She's like a kid who needs treasure in her pocket at all times.
  • Crafts: From needlepoint work to carvings, Tully enjoys keeping busy by creating.
  • Children's Toys: Tully learned how to craft wooden toys and other trinkets from her grandmother. Think Waldorf items: Felted dolls, wool scenes, wooden toys, etc.


RP Bucket List
  • Build a treehouse □
  • Run off with the circus ■
  • Visit an old castle ■
  • Get through a haunted house without closing her eyes □
  • Camp in the desert beneath the stars □
  • Pet a unicorn ■
  • Visit the Harry Potter castle □
  • Nap in a field of flowers ■
  • Swim beneath a waterfall ■
  • Tell scary stories around a campfire □
  • See the Northern Lights □
  • Win a balloon-sword fight □
  • Eat giant rock candy ■
  • Learn to sword fight □
  • Car-joust ■
  • Go walking in the jungle, walking in the jungle ■
  • Dionisia - Thank you for showing me that beauty and magic still exist in this world. Maybe it isn't so terrible after all. <3
  • Robin - So feisty! I love her spark, creativity and imagination. Don't think I'll ever get used to her lies, but then again, I don't mind.
  • Nuru - So many hats to wear and she does it with grace. That sparkle in her eye leaves me excited to share an adventure with her.
  • Grady - I'll find you when I'm ready.
  • Eamonn - I'm not afraid of monsters, imaginary or real. Though.. I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  • Chika - A sweet friend.
  • Kurt - Better not forget to send me those pictures..
  • Atrid - I hope you're with your wife again. RIP.
  • Skribbles - How's that for bonding over enchanted toilets and tree porn?
  • Donovan - Thanks for the talk. Most unexpected, but most needed. Damn, you're good at your job.
  • Stardust - I keep hoping you'll stay out of trouble.
  • Donal - We should fight more.
  • Christy - The best ever! Such good times!

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Name Tully Marie Lane
Occupation Child Psychologist/ Spring Foundation
Nature Caregiver
Demeanor Architect
Height 5'0"
Weight 130
Eye Color Honey brown
Hair Color Garnet
Apparent Age Mid 20s
Soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQKaAlMNvm8