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Jack "Tux" Penhall
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Public Information
Tux is relatively handsome, with dark curly hair and so-retro-it's-cool sideburns. He has made some effort to keep physically fit behind his computer screen. He dresses a little young for his age though, like he's trying to hold onto his youth a bit too long.

Common -Mage Only- Information
Jack "Tux" Penhall is a Virtual Adept and the youngest member of the Faculty Cabal. He is known in the chantry for being the easiest person to get to know, hosting frequent parties and doing his best to make people feel at home.

He assists students in establishing means to interact with their families and the modern world without becoming targets for the Union. He also teaches courses in the Union, frequently leading 'field trips' to Technocracy facilities that are in actuality data raids.

Name Jack Penhall
Occupation Computer Geek
Nature xx
Demeanor xx
Height xx
Weight xx
Eye Color xx
Hair Color Brown
Apparent Age 30's