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Tye Walker

"You have ta struggle a bit. Once yer willin' ta do dat, everythin' opens up an' you get freedom."

Biographical Data
Name: Tyberius Walker
Birthdate: September 18
Occupation: None
Nationality: African-American
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Bravo

App Age: Mid-twenties
Height/Build: 6'4" / Athletic
Hair: Black Dreads
Eyes: It's complicated...
Black Wolf.png

Tye comes across as laid back, though mostly he's just taciturn, and plays his cards close to his chest. He doesn't give long, flowery speeches, and many is the time someone will just get a grunt in reply. He's dependable, though, and a hard worker. He keeps his word when he gives it. He's a physical kind of guy, not given to book learning. He prefers hard labor to a library. His accent is clearly Chicagoan with a hint of the Deep South.

RP Hooks
  • Boxing - Tye often frequents illegal/underground fight clubs, but he never fights anymore. Huh.
  • Motorcycles - He rides a rice rocket; Honda Rebel. Yeah, nevermind. It got lost and probably impounded...
  • Pool - He is an avid pool player and can be found at various pool halls.
  • LeSeur - Measured. You got a vision, 'n I like where it goes.
  • Ava - You taught me to care, again.
  • John - You got a lot ta say.
  • Meyer - Ya gots my respect.
  • Isaac - We work well 'nuff tagether.
  • Calamity - We was close, once.
  • Griff - Got one hella fist. Good ta have on yer side in a fight.
  • Kannika - Comportment is good.
  • Isabella - When you growin' inta dem shoes you put on?
  • Niyah - Yer more uptight den a cat walkin' tween rockers.
  • Xenia - Yer sweet. Don't let the darkness drag ya down.
  • Emmanuel - Yer growin' on me, Doc.
  • Andrew - Shit ain't black 'n white.
  • Alex - Nose fer snoopin'. You want somethin'.
  • Nuru - You are kind, but wary. As it should be.
  • Aliyah Leadin' men by da nose. What a princess. I'd surely love ta see you jail a fuckin' dog, though.
  • Donovan - Blind to da evil you walk beside.
  • Kismet - Boy, you needa grow a spine.
  • Asher - Yer well on yer way ta bein' da monster ya always dreamed of.
  • Covas - Yer jess a little too eager.
  • Brian - You best learn when ta walk away.
  • Drew - Someday, you an me gonna have a chat.
  • Jennifer - We keep runnin' inta each other...
  • Arn - Yer a meddler wit' one hella chip on yer shoulder.
  • Hideaki - Perfect is da enemy of da good.
  • Magdalena - Evil hidin' in God's clothes.
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