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"You don't need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are."

John Lennon

A dirty looking freak who rolled into town out of nowhere with a pretty young Native American woman. He will usually tell people he knows are 'special' to call him "Uthur", which is what his girl calls him except when she is looking to get a rise out of him in which case she will have his "real name" on the tip of her tongue and that is all it will take to make him snarl at her. He may well tell someone who he assumes is illiterate or incapable of comprehending a reference to "Call me Ishmael", or something equally derivative or considerably more obscure. If he is 'carded' or asked his name by someone he considers 'The Man' (and especially if he considers them too 'square' to see the obvious pseudonym which IS on his, likely fake, ID), he is "Ulric Lars". He may tell someone he doesn't consider of consequence or trustworthy enough to have a point of reference to who he actually is to call him "Rick", and sometimes throws out the name "Rick Ferrell".

He seems to have a weird hangup about names. Perhaps he has some superstition regarding one knowing his 'True Name', or maybe it is just a reminder of a past he wants to stay buried; or maybe it is just very embarrassing. He also has a habit of rarely if ever calling anyone by the name they give him, preferring to use titles (often with a sneer of disrespect for whatever title if it is one of authority), generic terms like 'man' or 'babe', or (often derogatory) nicknames or descriptors he assigns them. If/When he calls someone by their preferred moniker, especially if he uses their full name (or some kind of 'title'), he is either showing them genuine and sincere respect.. or doing so with a tone of ultimate mockery.

RP Hooks
  • Sphere plot first and foremost! (That'd be Vampire. V:tM *IS* WoD. Everything else is just a distraction.)
  • Into psychedelics? Acid? Ecstasy? He looks like the kinda guy to talk to...
  • Any Counterculture events? Raves? Drum Circles? Political rallies? General weird/avant garde goings on? He may well show up...
  • Are you a downtrodden, repressed, outcast, rebellious, angst ridden or angry young (relative term) misfit? Common Ground there...
  • If you don't have business with him and an inclination to treat him with respect, it is ill-advised that you frequent Monument Park...
  • Unless you want your ass kicked, don't fuck with animals or the landscape in said Park...

WTF is this guy all about?
Not quite the 'peace, love, and granola flower childe' type hippie for sure; a little more akin to the kind who lived on abandoned movie ranches maybe? More along the lines perhaps of an earthier Grunge type maybe? Perhaps a twinge of Anarcho-punk attitude coupled with some philosophically jaded and harder edged Neo-Paganism? Whatever odd combination of subcultural mishmash that makes up this brash and flippant young man; it is clear that the straight-and-narrow, on-the-grid, toeing-the-line lifestyle and he do not mix.

If you are the sort of person to whom first impressions are everything, you are in for a bumpy ride. It would seem that if this guy ever owned a copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People", he ripped out one too many pages to roll joints in. While it may be noticeable to the more insightful that this hulking, brooding mountain of spit and angst is in fact far more intelligent, educated, and introspective than he appears; it will take some degree of patience for most to choose to accept that fact. When he is not acting paranoid or simply stand-offish, he channels some sort of cynical, existential stand-up comic; often muttering the darker and more biting quips under his breath unless somehow prompted to openly and vehemently rant in the general direction of a person, place, or thing that he finds meriting such attention. He seems to genuinely love that girl, Mystis, who he is often seen hovering over; and she seems to be the only person who has his number. He has been heard saying that she is his only redeeming quality; and it does seem like if she is capable of seeing something good in him, there just might be something there. Perhaps he is some postmodern version of the 'noble savage' and somewhere beneath the rough exterior is the soul of a poet or philosopher or some sort of 'White Knight' who let his armor get tarnished enough to blend in with the dismal world around him.

Opinions are like assholes...
(... everybody's got one. Ya really wanna know His?)

  • Camarilla - Exactly like America: Ideologically sound. Looks good on paper. Great concept in theory. Horribly botched in practice. Living or dead, I guess, somebody's gotta be The Man. Governing the likes of us is like herding cats. Good luck. The Traditions for the most part make sense, but all the pomp and ceremony and bullshit posturing is for what exactly? I am a Warrior, not a Soldier. I will ally with (but never SERVE) a Prince who has the sense to understand the difference.
  • Sabbat - Scary Monsters. Yeah, really clever. We all knew that kid in High school who drew pentacles on his notebook and babbled about Satan. Giving up completely to the Beast is even stupider than thinking you can and should tame and civilize it. Not because a lot of the fuckers they want to destroy don't deserve it, but I'll take as many of em out as I can.
  • Anarchs - Sometimes ya just gotta 'order sushi and not pay', sure. Making a cause outta it and dedicating your existence to monkeywrenching the stuffed shirts has to get old after awhile tho. A Rebellion is only as relevant as what it opposes and a Rebel is only as good as the last bigwig he thumbed his nose at is offended by the gesture.
  • Shifters - As much Animal as Man? Opposed to corruptors of Nature? Able to rip damn near anything that pisses you off to shreds? Works for me. Generally predisposed to doing so to the likes of me for no better reason than the circumstance of my existence? Lost me there. We should get along, but thanks to one of you being a prick, notsomuch.
  • Mages - Fuckin Wand-Wavin Do-Goodin Busybodies. So much power, wasted by such self righteous, shortsighted putzes. Dumbledore needs to spank the lotta you with a big gnarly wand.
  • Faeries - If there's gonna be weird supernatural shit in this world, it may as well be REALLY weird supernatural shit. It is pretty sad how few monsters have imaginations these days; but I can grok some wild, primal, magickal shenanigans.

  • Mystis - She is all that's left of my soul. I'll kill or die for her in a second and want nothing more than for her to be what she is meant to be. I just hope somehow that is always with me, cuz I couldn't do this shit without her.
  • Justice aka: "Ms Snitchy Britches" aka: Various exceedingly vulgar epithets - A fucking train wreck. Crossed us on Day One. Brazen arrogance and whirlwind stupidity personified. There's no clever way to say it, this cunt needs to die. Hard.

(Aaaaaaaand she finally did. Sucks that it wasn't by my claws.)

  • Sharp aka: "Col Sanders" aka: "Pornstash" - A Ventrue with claws. Disgrace to Our Blood. Be nice to reclaim it.
  • John/Michael/Monster aka:"The Johnsternator" - He genuinely gives a shit about this place and shows respect and understanding where it is due despite affiliations and attitudes. A little too entrenched in his own dogma, but sincere and trustworthy. I got his back.
  • Evan aka: "Oliver Twist" aka: "Pip" - Actually kinda like the little guy. Gonna try and scare him a little less. We could be buddies. He needs to learn some Jethro Tull tunes on his tooty fluty.
  • Mircea aka: "Fabio" - Mixed emotions. Likely the most like Us we've met. That makes him the most dangerous. Sleazy as fuck. Trust him about half as far as I can throw him. 20 yards maybe with a good tailwind.

(Buggered off. Good riddance, coward.)

  • Hideaki aka: "Mr Sulu" aka: "Kato" - Head sycophant. Not impressed. Needs to see if he can buy a personality on Amazon.
  • The Molly aka: "Molls" aka: "Mama" - Really. Give her a Pall Mall and a bottle of Jameson and she's my mother. Otherwise, she's pretty awesome. Only one who comes close to being able to challenge me in a vulgarity contest.
  • Miles aka: "Tripper" - I bet I could put his blood on blotter paper and cause Woodstock '16. Treacherous, stupid little lunatic it turns out. (Buggered off. Good riddance. Saved me the trouble of teaching your ass a harder lesson.)
  • Meyer aka: "Scarface" -Personality of the wet dishrag she looks like, really. Maybe falling off the high horse changed her? Have to look into that.
  • Giddeon aka: "Dr Jones". For what he was, he was a decent one. Good intentions get one nowhere in this world tho.

(Burned. R.I.P.)

  • Taylor aka: "RuPaul" aka "T-Diddy" - Faaaaabulousssss. Rare bird, one of you actually being down enough to Earth to be FUN and not a pompous poseur. Stick with me, kiddo. I'll toughen you up a little so you can survive this dungheap.
  • Susan aka: "Scooter McBubblecakes" - Yer kinda cute. Naive as fuck, but cute. I bet if somebody kept pecking away at your shell til it cracked open, something really tasty would come out.

(Split town fro bullshit reasons. Will be missed)

  • Magdalena aka: "Sistah Sledge" aka "Sistah Souljah" - I gave up Catholicism for Lent when I was 15. If the only thing keeping you from being an absolute monstrosity is clinging to your faerie tale delusions of piety.. well... it ain't workin.
  • Jameson aka: "Defective J" - Only thing worse than a mindless slave is a cop. Only thing worse than a cop is a mindless slave.

(Got what he deserved. Bye.)

  • Isaac aka "Zack" - Took awhile but you showed yourself to be somebody willing to stand for something.
  • LeSeur aka "LeSeur" - Willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes it's better the devil you don't know so much.
  • Devin aka "Lockling" - Cute. Clever. Cunning possibly. Why the hell are you one of those useless fuckers?
  • Omar aka "Sellout" - It's pathetic one would give up accepted Independence to serve nothingness, and with such ignorant arrogance.
  • Lilyue aka "That Other One" - See Omar. And seriously, head out of your ass and your ass out of my face. I said don't touch anything in my place and I meant it.
  • Cassandra aka "Spunky" - You have a lot of potential. You will live up to it. And look dark, sassy and sexy doing it. That's an order.
  • Anselm aka "Poindexter" - Yeah, you are a perfect match for your boyfriend there. Absolutely nothing about you could ever impress anyone and I think if an original thought somehow passed through your head it would ricochet for hours. Learn your place, and that nobody cares about anything you do.
  • Andre aka "Fuckin Hairy Nuisance Wannabe Gangsta" - Seriously dude. This ain't L.A. and this ain't no "Spike Lee Joint". Can the hokey, uppity tired ass Yo MTV Cribs routine, and while you're at it stop being such an arrogant, greedy, self centered piece of shit. You are more corrupt than what you claim to be saving the Earth from, son. Back that ass up and take a look at yourself and maybe we can share these streets.
  • Lottie aka "Jaws" - You are a trip, girl. Down and dirty with moxie and 'tude to spare, and wild as the day is long. Grrrmaste: The savage beastie in me recognizes the savage beastie in you. Let's rip into anybody who doesn't understand 'the rules'.
  • Strix aka "Shades" - Enigmatic, knowledgeable, and most certainly mutually beneficial that we share our insights.
  • Jacob aka "Jake From MotherFuckin StateFarm" - Yeah.. yer still a busybody and a kiss-ass with no business of your own so you gotta have your nose deep up in the crack of anybody else's ; but I promised to threaten to kill you a little less and I will.
  • Musaphir/Maya aka "Moose and Squirrel" - I don't buy your phoney ass altruism and the more you pat yourselves on the back and make everybody adore you for being such the social fucking butterflies trying to do all the goodness there is to do; the less I trust your smarmy asses.
  • Maeve aka "Lil Lezbionic" - You're pretty much bound to be nothing but trouble, but I kinda like that.

grizzly-bear.jpg owl-great-horned-kids_480x360.jpg
Name Uthur
Aliases Ulric Lars, Rick Ferrell, 'Hey you filthy hippie!'
Occupation Degenerate Drifter
Nature Martyr
Demeanor Deviant
Height 6'6"
Weight 270#
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Ginger Red
Apparent Age 25
Theme Song "Angry Young Man" -Billy Joel