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Exiled in the Wilderness
xxxxxBefore the mid-1800s, the area of Pokoh’s Peak and the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains was a barren wasteland for Kindred, being sparsely populated by humans and over populated by werewolves. Only a few hardy, adventurous or insane vampires attempted to reside in the area of Central Colorado.

xxxxxAs a gambit to establish his own kingdom, the future Prince of Denver made sure that gold rush propaganda was made abundant to the East, to get the Kine to move into the area during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush form 1858 through 1861. Since he was successful, Elders and others began to relocate to the area. Due to a conflict within the Denver Court regarding whom to support during the American Civil War, an uprising by Ancillae Kindred with Union sensibilities occurred. The fight was brief, and the Unionists were defeated by the Confederate sympathizers, including the current Prince, and were either destroyed or exiled to the small mining town of Pokoh's Peak. Kindred in Pokoh's Peak have since carved out a Praxis in the Rolling River Valley, and most they have free reign to deal with things as they see fit, even to the point of designating their own Prince. However, they remain in the shadow of the much more powerful Denver Court, and should always worry about how the seat will react to their actions.

xxxxxThe Rolling River Valley Praxis, with its seat in the expanding mountain town of Pokoh’s Peak, is a smaller Court than most other cities controlled by the Camarilla. It still retains a “Wild West” feel, with Traditions followed in spirit, if not always entirely by the letter. The Camarilla Council recognizes all of the Front Range as Denver's territory, and that includes Pokoh's Peak, and so technically once Prince serves the other. While this has been in place for over one hundred and fifty years, between the population growth of the Peak, and the malign indifference from Denver, it is a time of opportunity.

xxxxxThis is the story of vampires entrenched in a growing exurb of Denver, founded by exiles who lost a power struggle 105 years ago. The Kindred of Pokoh’s Peak have to deal with being in what is considered ‘wilderness’, a commuter city which also offers the allure of tourist pleasures and the attendant residents of the mountains who may take a dim view of their own natures. Stuck between a city that denigrates them, and werewolves and mages who consider them nefarious interlopers, it is a place that the most ambitious Kindred can turn to their advantage. Below are two major themes we will work with for Pokoh's Peak.

Bound by Invisible Chains
xxxxxUnlife brings power and freedom beyond the scope of anything mortals can imagine, but it comes at a cost. For all that the Kindred are the masters of their world they are still subjects to obligations, intrigue and their own passions, magnified by the lens of immortality.
xxxxxAmbitious vampires work to establish themselves as powerful and influential figures in Pokoh's Peak, to become powers in their own right and answerable to no one. From the beginning, they must scheme and struggle to escape the influence of their equally ambitious peers, making deals with the other powers that be. Along the way deals must be made, alliances forged and broken, friends won and enemies made. For every bond cut, two bonds, and soon they are ensnared in the hydra of the true Kindred structure.

Idealism versus Realism
xxxxxHigh-society vampires scheme to gain power and status among the polished of a city while streetwise vampires wheel and deal with the illegal power-brokers of the city. Power politics, intrigue and betrayal are the order of the day, as rivals welcome one another with cordial smiles or brass knuckles while their underlings wage a silent, ruthless war in their name. There are some who still cling to the idealism of their mortal lives, although they exist in a world of darkness that erodes such values every second of every night. Can someone stand for what they believe in even in the face of timelessness, or will they bow to inevitability?

xxxxxThis chronicle explores the themes of trust, friendship, loyalty and the whether one can use power without being corrupted by it.

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Approved Books
Note: Books below are superceded by House Rules. Please check Vampire specific house rules for changes to the books below; and be aware that MU-wide policies and House Rules also may supercede these books.

Core Rulebook WW2300 ISBN: 1-56504-249-2
Guide to the Anarchs WW02424 ISBN: 1-58846-223-4
Guide to the Camarilla WW02302 ISBN: 1-56504-261-1
Guide to the Sabbat WW02303 ISBN: 1-56504-263-8
Player’s Guide WW02352 ISBN: 1-58846-243-9
The Inquisition WW02351 ISBN: 1-56504-228-X
Ghouls: Fatal Addiction WW02352 ISBN: 1-56504-230-1
Clanbook Assimite WW02352 ISBN: 1-56504-265-4
Clanbook Brujah WW02351 ISBN: 1-56504-267-0
Clanbook Gangrel WW02352 ISBN: 1-56504-265-4
Clanbook Giovanni WW02363 ISBN: 1-58846-207-2
Clanbook Lasombre WW02362 ISBN: 1-58846-201-3
Clanbook Malkavian WW02353 ISBN: 1-56504-268-9
Clanbook Nosferatu WW02354 ISBN: 1-56504-266-2
Clanbook Ravnos WW02364 ISBN: 1-58846-209-9
Clanbook Setite WW02360 ISBN: 1-58846-204-8
Clanbook Toreador WW02356 ISBN: 1-56504-269-7
Clanbook Tremere WW02357 ISBN: 1-56504-254-9
Clanbook Tzimisce WW02361 ISBN: 1-58846-202-1
Clanbook Ventrue WW02352 ISBN: 1-56504-265-4
Feel free to suggest other books for review.

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Staff: Gyrfalcon

Only CAMARILLA, ANARCH, and INDEPENDENT applications are accepted at the time being. Thank you.

Assamite: (1) OPEN
Brujah: (2) OPEN
Caitiff: (0) OPEN
Follower of Set: (0) OPEN
Gangrel: (0) OPEN
Giovanni: (0) OPEN
Lasombra: (0) CLOSED
Lasombra Antitribu: (1) CLOSED
Malkavian: (2) OPEN
Nosferatu: (0) OPEN
Old Clan Tzimisce: (0) CLOSED
Ravnos: (0) OPEN
Samedi: (0) OPEN
Toreador: (2) OPEN
Tremere: (5) OPEN
Ventrue: (0) OPEN
Ghoul: (2) OPEN

Camarilla: (12) OPEN
Independent: (1) OPEN
Anarch: (0) OPEN

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Staff Philosophy
The object is fun.

And in the World of Darkness game system, fun is telling a great story with the help of others. It is not necessarily winning, but taking the story to its logical conclusion. Some people do not have fun playing dark and gritty stories, or stories that are not winnable. These people are not wrong; life is short enough you need to find what does it for you – and there is no shame in finding out that this sphere is not for you.

Play what you want to play
Potential players sometimes ask me if I want them to play something, or want to know what I will accept. After years of doing this, I have found that you need to play what you want to play. If try to steer you into playing something I would like to see, but you are not into, you end up not playing it. This wastes both my time and yours. If there is a certain type or role I want to see in the game, I’ll make an NPC and play it myself.

Why no Sabbat?
There are no Sabbat PCs, because I think it is intrinsically impossible to play a Sabbat story online with any quality. In fact, it would be very difficult running such a chronicle in a bi-weekly table top game. The Sabbat’s rasion d’etre is the application of brutal violence and depravity, the karmic payback for the Elder’s domination of their childer. Lent certain single-mindedness by their vinculum, it would be one combat and degradation of innocents after another, so much so it would bore me. And a bored staffer is an inactive staffer.

You have Camarilla, Anarchs, and Independents, (and soon, Kuei-Jin) and in that menagerie one has enough choices to play a villain, if one wishes.

Scheduled Scenes
I use the +request system exhaustively. It will be very rare for me to schedule a scene more than a day in advance; because of my other life activities I do not like being booked so far ahead. With parties, balls, or known attacks, I will schedule, but grudgingly. If you want to have a scene with me, use the +request code and get in my queue.

Adult Themes
We have established an adult world, with all the possibilities of the adult world. Gratuitous Violence, Sex, and Sexual Violence all have a place in the story. We at Sheltering Sky respect those who have RP preferences requesting non-participation in such scenes – and we will never force anyone to do so. That being said, the sphere I run is dark – and you should expect these things to come up, if only in passing conversation.

Some staffers have issues with PCs who only stay in their bedrooms and TS (i.e. TinySex, the representational act of having your MUSH PCs have sex) – I do not have a problem with it per se. If you are always dealing with your lovers, or lovers, you are free to do so – I will not OOCly punish you nor sneer at you. However, the plot of the game still continues, and your status will suffer because of it. A PC in my sphere should expect to be caught up in the sphere, whether they wish it or no.

IC relationships happen, whether the twisted love of a vampire’s bond, or the hatred of enemies, there will be actions which could lead to superb or disheartening effects on another character. It’s highly important to remember that anything a character does to another IC, is exactly that: IC. This is the understanding we have when you ask to be in the Vampire sphere.

OOC attitude, threats and tantrums will be tolerated only immediately. Everyone has had an adverse reaction to their favorite PC getting not only killed, but killed after being betrayed by an ‘ally’ or killed after doing something the player should have recognized as careless. There is an understandable period where that coffee cup is going to find a wall, and the world is shit, you bastards.

However, after a day or so, if there continues to be attitudes, threats, tantrums, or, worse case, the new PC acts in ways detrimental to the killer/betrayer because of OOC motivations, that is where I will move in and put a stop to it, up to and including asking the player to leave the sphere. It’s a dangerous game, and one must be mature about it.

It is your job to navigate the world. It is my job to portray the reactions of the World to you. Sometimes bad things happen.

The Other Guys
I will never build artificial fences between the spheres – which mean other spheres will come and try involve themselves in vampire plots. Good for them! The world is not subdivided into little corners where each Sphere can solve their problems without interference.

But, you say, mages and shifters are powerful, and facing them one on one, we’ll always lose! It’s not fair!

Two things about that:
1) It’s the World of Darkness: “Fair” is not in its vocabulary.
2) You are Kindred, shadow masters of mortal society. If you try to fight a werewolf pack by yourself, you will probably, if not certainly, lose. If you try to outcast a mage, you will probably, if not certainly, lose. However, vampires have unprecedented control of the mortal systems, and also a system of favors exchanged between them. All of Kindred should know the adage “If we don’t hang together, we will certainly hang separately”. Use your strengths, padawan.

The main strength of the Kindred is influences. We have a good system of influences here. Use them.

XP Spending
You can gather as much XP here as you like quite easily. But note – I reserve the right to ask for a justification of an XP spend. I reserve the right to deny XP spends due to inactivity or any other reason, regardless of how much you have hoarded.

Unlike the former wizard who ran a different style, my NPCs are specifically /not/ robots. They will have their own goals, desires, dislikes, and plots. They may help you more than you need, and they may thwart you for their own reasons. Treat them as you would a PC.

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Staff +Sheet Suggestions
Stats Unneeded

The following stats do not need to be purchased:

  • Alt-Identity. As a Vampire or Tier 2-4 Ghoul, it is assumed you have an alternate identity. Unless you have multiple identities which are legal and can withstand background checks, you are not require to purchase this stat.
  • Status for Camarilla. Status in the Camarilla is set per your background by staff.

Stats Suggested
Most Vampire sheets should be heavy on the backgrounds. Vampires are USERS. They take. They acquire. They manipulate. Yes, there may be a 'fondness' for a particular ghoul, but at the end of the evening if its between saving themselves or the ghoul: There's always another servant to train.

  • Influence. Vampires survive by controlling their surroundings. Influence can be a very powerful tool to control situations in the city. Use of disciplines AND influence can make major differences in the vampire's world.
  • Retainers/Allies/Contacts/etc. Yet another way to control their surroundings and make their world 'safe'.

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Vampire and Ghoul Stats
  • Ancillae Ability scores can only be raise above 3 with the use of freebie points. Ancillae may not begin with any ability scores of 5. Ancillae may not begin with a discipline score higher than 4. Ancillae are limited to are limited to Generation 3. They are generally between 100 and 300 years of age.
  • After dealing with incoming applications for ghouls, it's come to my attention that a Tier system is needed to take age into consideration. All ghoul Tiers begin with Base Mortal Stats.
Vampire Stats

Tier 1: Neonates
0-100 years old
10th-13th Generation
Attributes: 7/5/3
Abilities: 13/9/5
Bonus Lores: Kindred Lore 3, Clan Lore 1
Backgrounds: 5
Virtues: 7
Disciplines: 3
Freebies: 15

Tier 2: Young Ancillae
100-125 years old
10th-13th Generation
Attributes: 7/5/4
Abilities: 15/10/7
Bonus Lores: Kindred Lore 3, Clan Lore 1
Backgrounds: 7
Virtues: 7
Disciplines: 5
Freebies: 15

Tier 3: Teen-Ancillae
126-199 years old
10th-13th Generation
Attributes: 7/5/4
Abilities: 16/10/8
Bonus Lores: Kindred Lore 3, Clan Lore 2
Backgrounds: 7
Virtues: 7
Disciplines: 6
Freebies: 15

Tier 4: Mid-Ancillae
200-274 years old
10th-13th Generation
Attributes: 7/6/4
Abilities: 16/11/8
Bonus Lores: Kindred Lore 4, Clan Lore 2
Backgrounds: 8
Virtues: 6
Disciplines: 7
Freebies: 15

Tier 5: Old-Ancillae
275-300 years old
9th-11th Generation
Attributes: 7/6/4
Abilities: 17/12/9
Bonus Lores: Kindred Lore 4, Clan Lore 3
Backgrounds: 9
Virtues: 6
Disciplines: 8
Freebies: 15

Ghoul Stats

Base Mortal Stats
Attributes: 6/4/3
Abilities: 11/7/4
Backgrounds: 5
Virtues: 7

Tier 1 - Fledgling-Ghoul
1-50 years ghouled
Base Mortal stats + 21 freebies.
Incoming Disciplines: Potence 1
Bonus Lores: Kindred-Lore 0-1

Tier 2 - Teen-Ghoul
51-100 years ghouled
Base Mortal stats + 25 'freebies'
Incoming Disciplines: Potence 1
Bonus Lores: Kindred-Lore 0-1

Tier 3 - Mid-Ghoul
101-150 years ghouled
Base Mortal Template + 25 'freebies'
Incoming Disciplines: Potence 1 + Domitor Discipline 1.
Bonus Lores: Kindred-Lore 0-2

Tier 4 - Old-Ghoul
151-300 years ghouled
Base Mortal template + 25 'freebies'
Incoming Disciplines: Potence 1 + Domitor discipline 2.
Bonus Lores: Kindred-Lore 0-3

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Pokoh's Peak Influential NPCs
Prince Sheriff
Mark LeSeur Isaac
Clan: Ventrue Clan: Nosferatu
Status outside Pokoh's Peak: very low Status outside Pokoh's Peak: ?

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Denver's Influential NPCs

NOTE: These NPCs are not ones for regular interaction, but Vampires in Pokoh's Peak would know who they are.

Prince Sheriff Scourge
Adan Fernandez Catherine Velez ?
Clan: Ventrue Clan: Brujah Clan: ?
Status outside Denver: High Status outside Denver: Average Status outside Denver: Low/Very High (social/physical)

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