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Detailed Known History

1500's - Arrival of Biur Grimhild, Gangrel. Little more is known about Grimhild, except that her ghouls were a war band of Blackfoot and other associated Indians.

1598 – Grimhild is handed a defeat that claims all of her childer. She refuses to speak of it.

1848 - Arrival of Adan Froylez de Ferrandiz, Ventrue, with the military of the Mexican government. Grimhild and Adan settled in the Denver area when gold is found.

1854 – A Sabbat pack attempts to move into the area and is destroyed by the combined force of de Ferrandiz’s Spanish and American ghouls and Grimhild’s Blackfoot and other Native American tribes. Adan uses his sway over Kine and casualties in the fight are blamed on a clash between military and Ute.

1858-1860 - Settlers arrive in droves along with other vampires, including the Tremere Leon Khevenhuller von Metsch and Toreador Martine de Fontaine. Adan, with Leon's support, begins to use his influence and powers with the local leaders and traders to encourage the Gold Rush, cementing his control as the area grows. Adan and Grimhild have a conflict over domain rights, and so Grimhild is rarely seen in the growing town of Denver and Adan makes periodic treks with other Kindred into the mountains. Rumors are they searched for hidden power within the Front Range.

1861 - Ancillae Martine de Fontaine moves to the Pokoh's Peak area and begins cementing influence in the fledgling town.

1862 - Adan declares domain of Denver and surrounding area, including Pokoh's Peak, and cements organization of Camarilla Court. He declares himself Prince with Leon as Seneschal. The Sheriff position has two potential candidates: Katherina Valez, a young Elder with many acquaintence in the Southern states, and David Muniz, an older Ancillae who has an Absolutionist bent. The dislike between the pair causes a political fracture of the newly-founded Court. Meanwhile, deFerrandiz announces Grimhild has left Denver.

1864 - Adan ignores the growing tension and announces his choice of Sheriff as Katherina Valez. A revolt begins with the Unionist Ancillae of the city pushing to have Adan and Katherina removed from their positions. Adan, Leon and Katherina, along with other Elders, stomp out the rebellion ruthlessly using not only their personal power, but influence and Kine puppets. Three quarters of the Ancillae population, including David Muniz, meet the Final Death and the rest lose all influence and status within the city. Kine deaths blamed on devastating flood and Jayhawkers from Kansas.

1866 – The surviving unionist Ancillae population is sent to find residence in Pokoh's Peak by Prince Adan, his public reason for the banishment is for them to watch for any unusual activity in the mountains. Adan hired his Scourge, name unannounced, to keep the peace.

1867 - Martine de Fontaine, Toreador, acquires and renovates Le Cheateu du Bijou as an Elysium for Camarilla with the support of Ventrue Mark LeSeur, and Fontaine declares it and the surrounding land her domain.

1870 - Adan cements control of Denver with his hand-picked council of Seneschal Leon Khevenhuller von Metsch, Sheriff Katherina Valez and the unnamed Scourge. Pokoh's Peak is left for the remnants of Muniz’ rebellion to manage as long as their actions do not affect his domain adversely.

1874 - LeSeur attempts to arrange a meeting with Denver's Prince Adan via messenger and is rejected by a lesser Elder. LeSeur takes a leadership role, cautiously refusing the title 'Prince'.

1880 - LeSeur and Fontaine gather influence with the Pokoh's Peak legal and governing body, cementing Camarilla hold on the city. They are a guiding force in the city.

1890 - Federick Schmidt, a Malkavian Ancillae, travels to Denver against the advice of LeSeur and Fontaine, his goal to set up residence in the city. All contact with him is lost.

1891 - Isaac Suarez, a Nosferatu, arrives from Minnesota and settles in Pokoh's Peak.

1893 - LeSeur is declared Prince of Pokoh's Peak by the Pokoh's Court. News is sent to Denver and LeSeur receives a simple 'congratulations' card from Denver's Seneschal addressed to Mr. LeSeur. LeSeur appoints Brujah Denise Meyer as Sheriff and Fontaine as Seneschal.

1894-1915 - LeSeur and Fontaine hold Court semi-regularly in Le Cheateu du Bijou. Court politics fluctuate between decisions handed down by the Prince to group decisions from the Court. LeSeur insists on regular training for Ancillae in preparation for their departure to Denver, or other venues, upon celebrating 301 years embraced.

1918 - The Mountaineer Ski and Spa Resort is declared a rack, common hunting ground, for Pokoh's Peak vampires.

1918-2013 - Uneventful rule of LeSeur continues. Court continues to be held semi-regularly.

1973 - Death of Camarilla Vampire and a Sorcerer spurs a brief conflict which is resolved by Prince's assistance to cover up deaths from media.

1975 - Truce agreed upon between Pokoh's Peak Camarilla Court and Sorcerer. Cautious information exchange begun.