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Starting status within the Pokoh's Peak Camarilla is broken up into six (6) levels. These levels are as follows:

  • 0 - A Vampire or Ghoul who has been presented before the Prince.
  • 1 - 100 years or less in Pokoh's Peak.
  • 2 - 100 years+ in Pokoh's Peak.
  • 3 - Sheriff, Scourge
  • 4 - A Primogen, Seneschal
  • 5 - The Prince.

This is the portion of the Status code that appears on your character sheet as "Cam-Status" under backgrounds. This is the portion of your status that cannot easily be changed without a major change in Position, such as becoming a Primogen or the Prince. It is possible, however, for someone who is in Pokoh's Peak less than 100 years to reach the 100+ year level status without actually suddenly aging 100 years. This is accomplished, however, only through great leaps in favor and politicking which would mean your +status/favor level is at 100. WHEN YOU REACH 100, YOU WILL GAIN A PERMANENT POINT OF STATUS. In comparison, if you reach -100, you will lose a point in status. See below for information on +status/favor.


Favor is displayed in the system as the "second number", or the number after the slash in all displays. For example, someone with 2/50 is a vampire with 100+ years in Pokoh's Peak with 50 points of favor. Favor is a far more fleeting thing than Status. Favor represents courtly behavior, trust, and where a person sits in the eyes of their peers. This measure runs from -100 to 100.

  • 100 - The person is beloved by the Court. Your Cam-Status will move up one point and this number will reset.
  • 75 - The person is a completely trusted member of the Court.
  • 50 - The person is in high favor.
  • 25 - The person is a member of the Camarilla in good standing.
  • 0 - Its likely little is known about this person.
  • -25 - This person likely has no manners at all.
  • -50 - This person is a shrewd plotter or maybe a Scourge!
  • -75 - This person likely has Anarch tendencies.
  • -100 - Its likely this person is an Anarch. Your Cam-Status will move down one point and this number will be reset.

Favor can represent a lot of things, not just the examples above. A person can gain and lose favor daily for little to no reason at all. Maybe the Primogen is just tired of your voice or the Sheriff thought you might look at him funny. Maybe the Prince is feeling benevolent and decided you get to be in his good graces for a day. However, there are certainly some reasons that are more clearly defined.

  • Gaining Favor
    • Appropriate behavior in Elysium.
    • Aiding another Kindred in need.
    • A Whip filling in for a Primogen in a meeting.
    • Sharing information with someone who might otherwise not get it.
    • Achieving goals the Primogen or Prince set for you.
    • Resolving a conflict between other Kindred.
    • Treating someone kindly.
    • Attending an event held by another Kindred and behaving well.
  • Losing Favor
    • Rude behavior.
    • Name calling.
    • Lack of manners.
    • Use of simple Disciplines (Obfuscate, Auspex, etc) in Elysium.
    • Failure of almost any kind.
    • Disrespecting another Kindred.
    • Wearing the wrong dress or clothing to an event.
    • Improper use of titles or failure to address someone appropriately.
    • Conspiring with an enemy (not necessarily Sabbat, but just 'somebody someone else doesn't like').
    • Entering someone else's domain without permission.
    • Feeding in someone else's domain without permission.
    • Breaking any of the other Traditions.

There is, honestly, no "rule" about what you can give votes for up or down. This is a free form system. If you just don't get along with Bob? You can vote Bob down. You just have to worry about Bob's friends or hide your votes and hope they don't figure you out.