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Status Code Help

The following is an explanation of each of the +status commands and their intended use.


Displays your current status and votes. This command will show you what your personal status and favor ratings are as well as your currently available votes, your vote total, when the last weekly refresh was performed (WR) and what your status was like at the last refresh (AtWR).



This command, as described in the last wiki page, displays the general flow of status as well as all the information in the +status command.

+status/vote <+/->=<name>

This command lets you cast votes for or against another person's favor. It performs only a +1/-1 up or down with both sides visible on the +status/favor at a cost of 1 vote.

+status/rumor <+/->=<name>

This command lets you cast votes as above, still at only +1/-1 up or down with the target visible, but the source is hidden, at a cost of 2 votes rather than 1.

+status/push <+/->=<name>=<number>

Like the +status/vote, this code let's you raise or lower a target's favor with both yourself and the target visible. Rather than only doing a +1/-1, however, this command lets you specify how many votes you want to use at once (to a maximum of your currently available votes).

+status/protect <name>

This command allows you to protect the target, automatically spending off your votes rather than the target losing favor when they are voted against. This can will continue until you turn it off again (with the command below). You may protect yourself.

+status/unprotect <name>

As the command above protects the target, this command removes your protection. Simple and to the point.

+status <name>

This command allows you to look at the status of the targeted individual. When you use this command, you will see a display that will show the target's status, favor, and any Reputations associated with that character.

+status/Lex <name>

This command can be used by the Prince only. When used it immediately reduces the target to -100 favor. This should only be used when the Blood Hunt is called.


The following are details on setting reputations. Reputations only have positive values. At 0 they are destroyed.


This command shows a list of all currently set reputations and what their levels are currently. Reputations are on a 1 to 100 basis. A reputation at 1 is barely a whisper in the Elysium, while a reputation at 100 is known throughout the Camarilla.

+status/reputation/start <target>=<strength>/<reputation>

This command lets you start a reputation by spending some of your votes toward the target. This can be a good thing or a bad thing but should be rooted in IC circumstances. Make sure to use the target's name inside the sentence. Here are a few examples:

+status/reputation/start tim=5/Tim has a habit of killing nuns when he's hungry.

+status/reputation/start joe=1/Joe is a Sabbat sympathizer.

+status/reputation/start sally=3/Its possible Sally is a Caitiff.

+status/reputation/bolster <votes>=<number>

This command allows you to push a reputation that already exists. First use the '+status/reputation' command to get a list, then simply type +status/reputation/bolster 1=5 where the first number is the number of votes you want to spend and the last number is the identification number of the rumor.

+status/reputation/quash <votes>=<number>

The opposite of the command above, this command removes strength from a reputation by spending votes to lower the strength number.

Final Notes

All reputations you set need to be COMPLETE SENTENCES. This has to do with copyright laws and not causing issues with White Wolf. Allow me to give a couple examples.

"Judy has an infamous sire"

"Joe has a habit of breaking the masquerade."

"Kim is bedwettingly frightening."

"Heather feeds on children."