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"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napoleon Bonaparte

Biographical Data
Name: Victor bin Hamad Al Thani
Birthdate: November 2nd, 1995
Occupation: Qatari Royalty
Nationality: Qatari

Quote: America is a very interesting place.
Themesong: Young Heretics - Dark Prince

Member of the Qatari Royal Family has come to the United States to study and enrich his life with an American education. The youngest of the Emir's sons appears to be alone on this adventure - and has enrolled at Chilcott University to study International Political Science.

RP Hooks
  • Wealthy Elite - This man attends elite parties and social gatherings of the wealthy and influential
  • Chilcott University - He is currently attending the University and studying International Political Science
  • Race Cars - He is a race car enthusiast, and an avid fan of the recreation
  • Dominant and Authoritative - Victor is used to giving orders and dictating the actions of those around him
  • IC Pal 1
  • IC Pal 2
  • IC Pal 3
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