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"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napoleon Bonaparte

Biographical Data
Name: Warrick Smith
Birthdate: November 2nd, 1991
Occupation: Flunky at Cat's Eye Gym
Nationality: Caucasian

Quote: No comment
Themesong: TBD


Illusive young man, drifts in and out. He came to town last year and made some friends, though he tends to keep to himself. He has an inquisitive manner, often asking questions and trying to learn whatever he can. The man is rather handsome, though probably the most striking feature about him is those emerald eyes of his.

RP Hooks
  • Training - Warrick is always looking to learn, from anyone who can teach. (Scholar)
  • Debate - The man is extremely intelligent, and tends to be passionate about topics - rather willing to debate them with certain audiences.
  • White Knight - Warrick has this habit of wanting to be a hero, saving people and putting himself in dangerous situations to help others.
  • Enemy - Beneath the soft appearance and seeming innocence - something hunts Warrick, and will not rest till he is found.
  • Rebecca - Head Teacher
  • Jolon - He's been showing me the ropes
  • Selena - Hired me to help out around the Cat
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