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Wyatt Enapay

"Strongest Survive." - Fucking Darwin, heard of him?

Biographical Data
Name: Look at the page title!
Birthdate: None of your business.
Occupation: Cabin Rental. Want one?
Nationality: Ute. Damned proud of it!
Hobby: Knocking heads together.
Entertainment: Knocking heads together. Duh.

Father: Murdered.
Mother: Murdered

Quote: "Everybody you fight is not your Enemy, and everybody that helps you is not your Friend." - Mike Tyson

Themesong: [|We Will Rock You- Queen]


Let's see. This is where I blah blah blah about myself and how stupendous I am. How's this: I don't give a shit what you know or don't know. I've got my friends, and they know who they are; and I've got my enemies, and if they are still alive they BETTER fucking know who they are. You want more information? Tough. Better yet, google Wyatt Earp. How's that for an easy bio?

  • Fish Hook (not very effective)
  • Crochet Hook (might hit the brain if jammed in the eye properly)
  • Foundry Hook (good for hanging clothes, so long as the guy has the jacket zipped up)
  • Meat Hook (NOW WE'RE TALKIN!)
  • Overall, hooks are for pansies. Fists, a good weapon or explosives. Mighty fine.
  • None
  • Of
  • Your
  • Fucking
  • Business.
  • Understand now?
Wish List
WyattHarley.jpg     WyattPistol.jpg     WyattShotgun.png     WyattGrenade launcher.jpg     WyattExplosion.jpg