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“Ain't no rest for the wicked. Money don't grow on trees.
I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed
and Nothing in this world's for free.”
- Cage the Elephant


Wyck is a teenage guy who rolled into town in the middle of winter in his RV. He's been bouncing around to more than a few places in town. There are several ways to know him:
1. Witchmart: Wyck distributed several hand drawn tarot around the town when he arrived. It has a contact number on the back.
2. Coffeholic: He's often found at local coffee houses either reading tarot for folks, enjoying a black brew or sketching.
3. Pagan: Wyck's active with the local pagans; attending their festivals and events without joining any specific group or coven. - .
4. Clubbing: It's amazing how such a young-looking guy can somehow find his way into clubs where you have to be over 21 to get in the door.

Contacts & Allies
Person What Ringtone Quote
Emmanuel Ally Demons Cool guy. Got a history like everyone else. Means well. Officially called Doc.
Georgie Ally Heathens One of the first friends I made at the trailer park. Been hanging out in one way or another ever sense. He keeps me fed with awesome take out food.
Andrew Ally Warriors Cops, generally, aren't people that I get to know but this guy got my attention when I first came to town. Kinda fun hanging out with him.
Francis Contact Poker Face I don't know who you're talking about. But if I did, I'd say that he's an excellent employer.
Asher Contact Seven Wonders You did me a solid and I owe you big. Now about that other thing...
Kismet Contact I See Fire You summed up my view of the world and where my power comes from in as much time as some people might ask for a cup of coffee and you throw an awesome fest.
RP Hooks
  • Hustler: Wyck is straight - or at least that's what he tells his clients. Normally he tries to find up-scale buisnessmen who want a little action on the down-low and is usually able to keep them quite entertained. (NOT effeminate)
  • Artist: Wyck is what you might call a starving artist. Meaning that he's not being paid for his art but he doesn't often get paid for it. He draws what he sees, usually, so he's constantly scribbling away at this or that in one of many sketchbooks he carries with him.
  • Witch: When all else fails and he needs money - he's known to read tarot cards, cast curses and things on people. He drums it up as an act to make money. He's none-too-shy about admitting his interest in the occult and doesn't hide the fact that he considers himself to be a 'street witch'. His grimoire is a composition notebook, his wand is a prop from Harry Potter and he has a Slythern patch on his satchel.
  • Vagrant: Occasionally he has to move the camper so that people don't become too wise that he's stealing their power or water. So he could end up anywhere in the city.
  • Homeless: (strictly speaking he lives in a Winibago but it's on the street). He's been known to squat here and there by parking his winibago near an abandoned or vacant building so as to tap into their power and water. How he taps in is another matter entirely.
  • Fixer: Wyck is known for helping people find what they need - for a small price. He makes introductions, finds things that need to be found or, more likely, losses things that shouldn't be found again.
  • Thief: One of the things he tends to 'fix' for people is when they need items back from people who have taken them or when the courts won't force them to give them back. Above such things as a pick pocket and not as sophisticated as a bank robber, Wyck will 'find' things that people need (or say that they need) for the right price. He's been known to find heirlooms, pieces of art, antiques, etc.


  • Curios
    Wyck is curious to a fault. He's the guy who -has- to know how the magician did his tricks, who had to read what happened to Dumbledore before reading the rest of the book. This can lead to a streak of impatience within him but it's also a source of his greatest asset; fortitude. His curiosity has driven him beyond the limits of mild interest on more than one occasion and its this asset that will take him into a bold, dark new world.
  • Edgy
    Every street kid has a bit of the wild side within them. Whether it's a glance that says that they could easily cut you if it meant that they could eat that night or maybe it's how they have learned to stay perfectly calm when everything's going wrong around them, he's always on edge.


  • Ain't no crying in the occult
  • Ain't nothing in this world for free
  • Ain't no rest for the wycked


Basic Info
Name: Wyck (like the candle)
Aliases: 'Wyck Whitehair'.
Birthdate: Halloween
Occupation: Street Witch, Hustler
Nationality: American
Nature: Trickster
Demeanor: Visionary

Cliques: Blood Boy, Glamour Whore
Notable Stats


  • Curiosity: Ooh, shiny! Wyck has a tough time not getting distracted by the strange and unusual. Where most people might turn and run at the sound of monsters and things that go 'whack' in the night, this kid is pulling out a sketchbook and trying to jot down notes and a quick thumb sketch.
  • Dark Secret: Ok, so it's not so much of a secret these days but let me ask ya this: Would you have ever guessed that it all had to do with a guy named 'Steve'?
Character Tropes

Wyck's satchel, something that seems to be a bottomless hole of useful items. It's never farther than his reach as he's been known to need to go into hiding or evade folks at a moment's notice.

Satchel wyck.jpg

Wyck's sketchbook - a normal, black-covered book that's about the size of a normal sheet of paper folded in half. The cover is decorated with a white, occult symbol painted on the front. He

Sketchbook wyck.jpg

Wyck's rig is a winnebago from 1976 (Chieftan). It's how he rolled in to town back in winter and has served as his shelter from time to time while he's in the city. The rig was sometimes seen on the street, parked here and there, but hasn't been seen in a month or so.