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"Shit, man. Don't be an asshole." - 'Me

Biographical Data
Name: Xan Valentino
Birthdate: Ah, that's fucking rude. Nonya damn business, yeah?
Occupation: Musician/Bartender/Activist
Nationality: American
Nature: Can't go and give everything away.
Demeanor: Rebel

Quote: "You are my people!" -Me
Punk rock Princess, living it up in the seedy parts of town with the dirty bottomfeeders.
First she's sour, then she's sweet. She's the one who can't be beat. She's the girl who trips your id, she's the one called XanPatchKid.
RP Hooks
  • She hangs out in the park with the homeless
  • Music? She plays! Mainly punk and metal, but maybe dabble in other stuff.
  • Protests? Don't mind if I dooooo.
  • Georgie - G! We have a bit in common. He is a good dude, got good ideas.
  • Niyah - Gods, I love to make him frazzled. Bloody Buddies 4 Unlife! hah!
  • Elizabeth - She is amusing.
  • Benjamin - He looooooves night sailing. At night.
  • Diego - We hang out, you know? To blend. Velvet crush. XanDiego. <3
  • Erin - Hot red head.
  • Taz - A friend that teaches me to skateboard ... in the park... at midnight and has yet to note how weird that is.
  • Long - Weekend at Bernie's!

XansBoard.jpg LolaNiko.jpg

  • Lola and Niko!